No more Skype for Business Online after July 2021

Caroline Wigley
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On 31 July 2021, Microsoft will be retiring Skype for Business Online, as the functionality (plus many additional capabilities) is available within Teams, the Office 365 team hub.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft created Teams to help businesses meet the needs of today’s workplace, incorporating chat, meetings, and calling, along with the Office 365 and third-party productivity apps, into the one hub. Since its launch two years ago, Teams has grown massively in popularity to be used by 500,000+ organisations across the world.

Emma Jobling, head of the Cobweb team, says, “Replacing Skype for Business Online with Teams as the key communication function within office 365 is being done to enable businesses to increase the pace of business, through being able to collaborate more efficiently.

“Since launching Teams in 2017, Microsoft has been working with customers to review and enhance the features and functions, to now “confidently recommend it as an upgrade to all Skype for Business Online customers.

“Having seen the major impact Teams has had on our customers’ businesses, we’re delighted to hear this news. It’s also proof of the commitment Microsoft is making to developing the product now, and in the future.”

Microsoft has made the announcement two years ahead of the retirement date to give existing Skype for Business Online customers plenty of time to move to Teams. However, from 1 September 2019, new Office 365 customers will be assigned directly to Teams.

Main calendar dates

1 September 2019 onwards - new Office 365 customers will be onboarded to Teams.

From now until 31 July 2021 - existing customers can continue to use Skype for Business Online as currently, and which will include the ability to add new users.

31 July 2021 onwards - Skype for Business Online will no longer be accessible.

If you’re an existing Skype for Business Online customer, the Cobweb team will be happy to give you more information about moving to Teams. And, if you’re new to Teams, the Cobweb team will be able to take you through the features, and benefits.

Emma Jobling adds, “Now’s a particularly good time to look into the potential of Teams, with Microsoft offering a free six-month Teams trial.”

The trial is available for businesses with:

  • Exchange Online (Exchange Plan 1 or Plan 2)
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Office 365 Business
  • Dynamics 365

Again, the Cobweb team, can help with advice and information - call 0333 009 5941 or email

Please note: Skype Consumer and Skype for Business Server are not be affected by this announcement.



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