New Microsoft Office collaborative features that will help you scale your business

Ross MacKenzie
Tags: Microsoft Teams

As a business owner, it's important for you to continually seek out new ways to streamline your business and help everyone work together more effectively. If you're already using Office 365 within your organisation, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has now launched a whole new range of collaborative features. Here are the most important six for you to be aware of:

Advanced AI Integration

Anyone in your company can now access AI assistance when using Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. It works by analysing your work patterns and suggesting new design layouts and ways to represent your data. You can also access image recognition capabilities within Excel, which allows you to auto-create spreadsheets based on images you upload.

Developing Teams

Microsoft has greatly improved the way in which all members of your organisation interact with and make use of Teams. Frontline workers can now more quickly manage their time by swapping shifts and confirming work hours, while managers can easily view, manage and share schedules for their entire team.

Microsoft Teams is now used by more than 300,000 businesses all around the world. They've grown to that number in less than a year, making it the fastest growing business app in Microsoft’s history! What’s great is that Microsoft really does seem to care about you, the business owner. They continually find new ways to help make their software increasingly advanced and applicable to modern workplace collaboration.

Making Microsoft more effective for Mac users

Almost every month, Microsoft rolls out new features for Mac owners who use Microsoft. The most recent update that benefits your team is OneDrive Files On-Demand for Mac. This allows employees to use Finder to access all work and personal files from the cloud. Find out more about these Mac updates here.

Shoring up your security

Microsoft prides itself on its security protocols and is the most widely-renowned company for helping businesses to remove passwords and instead use more advanced security systems. Microsoft Secure Score offers dynamic security suggestions that can help reduce your cyber-security risks by 30-fold across your company, while Microsoft Threat protection automatically scans for any new threats that arise and saves you the need to analyse and spot these yourself.

Giving you a better view through your admin centre

As a business owner, you want to have a complete picture of what’s going on at all times. Well, the Microsoft Office 365 admin centre is being expanded with new features, such as more insightful recommendations and a better UI across the platform. You can also create custom views for every one of the admins you have using your account.

Advancing the integration between LinkedIn and Office

Integrating LinkedIn and Microsoft 365 will allow anyone in your company to more effectively work together on content curation. Users will be able to easily co-author documents and reports. Also, the integration will highlight important information about anyone who is attending an upcoming meeting, allowing you the chance to quickly research and better understand everyone in attendance.

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