Microsoft Unveils New Surface Pro Laptop in Shanghai

Ross MacKenzie
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Surface Laptops

Microsoft held a Surface event in Shanghai on Tuesday. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the unveiling of the new Surface Pro, but that wasn’t the only announcement.

The technology giant also revealed the new Surface Pen and revealed a UK release date for the Surface Studio.

In addition it celebrated the launch of Microsoft HoloLens in China and announced that Project Scorpio will launch in China later this year. The event was also used to announce a new Windows 10 China Government Edition for China government customers.

The New Surface Pro

Those announcements might be of great interest in China but consumers and tech-followers in the West will have been more concerned with their first glimpse of the new Surface Pro, which Microsoft says is faster, lighter and lasts longer than any other device in the Surface range.

The Surface Pro takes the previously revealed Surface Studio to a mobile format. The two-in-one can be used as a tablet or laptop with a new hinge that takes the screen virtually flat. This can improve angles for drafting and drawing. The screen itself is a 12.3-inch PixelSense Display at 267 pixels per inch, optimised for touch and Pen.

Microsoft says the device offers up to 13.5 hours of continuous battery life and that it also features a new keyboard wrapped in a coated Alcantara material. This is both durable and stain resistant, which can make the device more suited for different studio and workplace environments.

The New Surface Pen

Microsoft also unveiled a new Surface Pen for use with its Surface range. It said that the new pen is twice as accurate as the previous version and allows users a more fluid writing and drawing experience, as well as improved tilt.

June UK release date for Surface Studio

The Surface Studio, which is targeted at creatives and professionals, will ship from June 15 in the UK and can be pre-ordered now. The device, which was unveiled in October but has so far only been available in select markets, features the thinnest LCD monitor ever built and is designed to serve as a versatile digital canvas.

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