Microsoft Teams now has almost 250m monthly active users

Cobweb Team
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Michael Gore, Head of Cobweb Customer Success, writes …

A couple of weeks back, my colleague Wayne Hollomby, wrote, “At the last official count Microsoft Teams had 145 million daily active users. But as this figure relates back to April of this year, the number could in fact be far higher by now.”

Two weeks on, and we’re writing that the figure is indeed higher – with Microsoft reporting almost 250m monthly active users.

Whilst reporting has changed from daily users to a monthly figure – it is clear that the number of Teams users is increasing rapidly, as more and more businesses are moving to Microsoft’s productivity suite, Microsoft 365, and its team hub, Teams.

In their article Teams Hits 250m MAU, 80m Phone MAU, the online technology publication UC Today, quotes Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, as saying, “Teams usage has never been higher.

“We are nearly 250 million monthly active users as people use Teams each day to communicate, collaborate and co-author content across work, life and learning.”

We couldn’t have summarised the features and benefits of Teams better!

At Cobweb we’re seeing growing numbers of customers moving to Microsoft 365 and Teams, whatever their workplace structure – whether supporting remote working, moving to the new hybrid model, or returning to full office-based workforce.

And if the 80m Phone MAU in the title of the UC Today article caught your eye, Wayne Hollomby, as our Voice consultant, will be writing more about this shortly, and how increasing numbers of businesses are moving their phones systems to Teams telephony options – Business Voice (for up to 300 users) and Phone System (Microsoft’s enterprise offering).

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