Microsoft Teams | May 2019 updates

Ross MacKenzie
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This year has seen Microsoft Teams roll out its collaboration functionality for users running Microsoft Office 365 S mode.

So, how can the platform help drive efficiency in your business and help add value where it’s needed most?

What's new for Desktop and Web?

Windows 10 gets Teams: S mode users can finally make use of MS Teams functionality. Teams is a novel piece of integrated software that provides a unifying hub for your team’s suite of communication tools; creating a shared workspace for individuals working away from the desks, that are out of office, or are stepping back after being siloed on a different project. The system is designed to improve efficiency with scheduling and call management functionality, collaboration on the 365 program toolset, and deploys a unified security suite to keep sensitive information fully secure and GDPR complainant.

Group chat improvements: An attempt to address a common complaint, May’s update added the ability to remove participants from group chat windows – letting you manage the conversation without having to send additional emails or chase up requests for other members to leave. This is as simple as clicking the ‘x’ icon beside a user’s name to remove them from the chat and is available as standard.

What's new for iOS and Android

Improvements to MS Teams functionality has also been rolled out to those working from smartphones and tablets. These changes include:

Screen sharing (iOS only): Another QOL improvement, iOS users can now screen-share with a single button press in a meeting rather than navigating to settings. This can prevent ‘dead air’ as you fumble with controls and reducing the amount of kit you need to carry; though it is only available on iOS 12 systems or compliant devices.

Room finding: Rooms in teams can be automatically found rather than searching for invites or logging into chat menus. Again, this streamlines what was once a clunky piece of functionality, letting use Microsoft teams to communicate more efficiently.

Calendar management: Channel meetings can now be added to your system calendar with a single click. MS Team’s share functionality then lets others easily attend rather than having to deal with a raft of calendar invites that can quickly clog your inbox.

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