Microsoft Teams | May 2019 update

Ross MacKenzie
Categories: Product Updates
Tags: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams; collaboration functionality is now helping Office 365 S mode users drive business efficiencies by adding value where it's most needed. Here's how:

Collaborate and comply

Windows 10 gets Teams

S mode users can now use MS Teams as a central hub for their communication tools. This means they can create a shared work-space for colleagues working away from the office. The system boosts efficiency through its scheduling and call management functionality, its ability to collaborate with the 365 program, and its unified security suite which keeps sensitive data completely secure and compliant.

Sharpen group chat with the 'X' factor

Teams now lets you better manage group conversations with the ability to remove participants from group chat windows. You simply click the ‘x’ icon next to a user’s name to remove them.

Getting smarter with iOS and Android

Teams functionality is now available to people working off smartphones and tablets. iOS 12 users or those with compliant devices can now screen-share with a single button press in a meeting which cuts back the amount of kit they need to carry.

Steamlined rooms

'Rooms' in Teams can now be automatically found. You no longer need to search for invites or log into chat menus.

Click and meet

Channel meetings can now be added to a system calendar with a single click. Teams' share functionality then lets others easily attend. No more having to wade through calendar invites!

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