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Microsoft Teams is aimed at enabling workplace creativity and collaboration; resulting in more developed process, increased productivity and efficiency. Every month, Microsoft rollout a series of updates that impact the way you work with the platform. Here, we break out this month’s updates.

Seamless communication: Direct Routing

Towards the end of June, Microsoft revealed that Phone System Direct Routing was now a feature of Microsoft Teams. This means that you will be able to choose a telecom provider in which to make calls within Teams. Both Direct Routing and Calling Plans are now the two choices for Microsoft Teams call enablement.

Updates to keyboard shortcuts

There are now updated keyboard shortcuts for new functions within Microsoft Teams. There are three ways you can view the shortcuts list:

  • Type '/keys' in the command bar
  • Press Ctrl+. on Windows or Command+. on Mac
  •  Click on Settings and select 'keyboard shortcuts

You'll be able to see the rest of the current keyboard shortcuts below:

Microsoft Teams Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit Visio files in Teams

You are now able to view, edit and collaborate on Visio diagrams within the Microsoft Teams platform. Just upload a Visio diagram to a channel's conversation tab, and it will be shared with your team.

Visio is now on Teams


Office 365 now available in Teams web client

Now, it is easier to switch between the core Office 365 that you are using. Within the Microsoft Teams browser application, click to expand the app launcher (otherwise known as ‘the waffle’) and make use of apps like Word, Outlook and OneDrive.

Use the Waffle

Two things to know:

  •  If a given user has had an app disabled, the app will be hidden from their app launcher.
  • The app launcher won't show pinned applications

Waffle Teams

New Apps in Teams:

Jell enables users to customise questions, reminder and recurring schedules. There is a 14-day free trial, and multiple plans to meet your needs.

RSpace provides a notebook to biology and chemistry researchers to record experiments, collaborate on research and communicate efficiently.

Zoho Projects empowers users to deploy project management at their fingertips. Manage and plan projects, assign work and collaborate more effectively.

Teams and eDiscovery

eDiscovery is now available for calls and meetings within, which means that admins now have the ability to search and discover records for all Teams meetings.

Plus, Teams will also support eDiscovery in an exchange hybrid. Enjoy support for eDiscovery, Review and Export, Compliance Content Search for users in organisations with an exchange hybrid setup. This is available by request through Microsoft support.

Mobile improvements

Using Microsoft Teams on your mobile? These new updates will improve the reliability of sending and receiving messages when networks aren’t strong enough. Furthermore, Teams for Surface Hub (Preview) is now available, and is compatible with Skype for Business so we encourage you to download the Microsoft Teams app, rather than use the browser client.

Improved collaboration: Teams is hitting the US Government Community Cloud (GCC)

Microsoft Teams has been carefully built to meet the high security and compliance standards for the US Government Community Cloud and its users. This way, the platform can help them evolve communication into collaboration. Read the full announcement here.

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of Microsoft Teams, download our free guide Microsoft Teams: Enabling Intelligent Communications.

Teams eBook 

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