Microsoft Teams | August 2018 Updates

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This month, there were a number of updates for Microsoft Teams – focusing on customisation, collaboration and communication. Let’s take a look!


Do not disturb

You can now allow particular people to reach you while in ‘do not disturb’ mode, so that you can still keep focused on your work but also not miss out on anything important. It’s easy to set up: just click on your profile picture, then Setting > Privacy and follow the steps.

PowerPoint for meetings

Like Marmite, PowerPoint presentations are either hated or loved – but they are inevitable when it comes to meetings. Even more annoying is when the PowerPoint doesn’t load properly due to a lack of bandwidth. To help solve this, you can now share them using less bandwidth, enabling viewers to read them privately. Find out more here.

Auto Attendant and Call Queue calls


Microsoft Phone System Auto Attendant is now widely available, while Call Queue is coming in the near future. With these tools, you will able to take calls from Skype for Business Online’s Auto Attendant and Call Queues. Read more here.


Collaboration updates

Free teams!

As you may have already heard, a free version of Teams is now available. In this free version, you can create teams of up to 300 people, and it include other features such as unlimited chat, plus search and integration audio/video calling. Plus, it is available in forty languages!

Wiki and Teams

Loved by all, Wikipedia is a great tool for quickly finding out information about also everything. Now, the new Wiki app will allow you to access your Wiki channels from one place. Find Wiki in the ‘More Apps’ section, on the left-hand side of your Team window.

Customisation and third-party integration

A number of new apps have added to Teams in this month's August updates.

Bitbucket: this app allows intuitive collaboration on code that is written by developers. Find out more here


Jira bot: Plan, track and release software via Teams. More info here


MailClark: This app allows you to manage external communications (email, social media, live chat) through Teams. Read more here


Wrike for Teams: Collaborate on tasks with full Teams integration. Find out more below:

New features for IT admins

There are a number of updates to make admins’ lives easier. 

Firstly, a new built-in Call Analytics Dashboard will allow for an overview of call and meeting quality.

Plus, user-level policies and organisation settings have both been updated, improving everything from messaging and calling to guest access in the Admin Centre and PowerShell.

New reports and data

Usage analytics are now generally available for Microsoft 365. This means that you’ll be able to have a detailed view of how your organisation use the whole Microsoft 365 suite – including Teams and Power BI. This means that you can help your teams get so familiar with the IT tools on offer, and give training when needed.

Other updates include:

  • Meetings: mobile users can now share a PowerPoint file during calls or meetings via their mobile device.
  • Calls: Incoming calls can now be forwarded to a particular call group, plus users will also be able to transfer or consult with them before accepting calls from an auto-attendant.
  • Other updates: Users can also now share videos from devices’ gallery into Teams’ chat function, and copy a channel’s email address.


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