Microsoft Office 365 | October 2018 Updates

Ross MacKenzie
Categories: Product Updates

What a month for Microsoft, with October bringing a lot of important updates to Microsoft Office 365. To help break it down, we’ve got a summary of the updates below – plus a quick video too.

OneDrive files are now on-demand for Mac

Something that Mac users have been asking for a while now is the ability to access files on-demand – a key piece of Office 365 functionality. This much-needed update means that you can now access all your files that sit within OneDrive, only downloading the most important files locally on your hard drive as and when you need them. This feature will save huge amounts of storage on your device – great! What’s more, Finder will search through all your OneDrive files, not just the ones stored locally, so you don’t have to change the way you work at all.

iOS Super Zoom on OneDrive

Another one for Mac users – you can now utilise pinch-to-zoom on your photos that are stored within OneDrive. This increased functionality also means that you can zoom out and scroll through large blocks of photos or zoom in slightly for a larger preview. If you use an Android, you should already have the Super Zoom function but only if you’re not a commercial account user – that update should be available later this year.

@mention in Word and PowerPoint

You probably recognise the use of @mention in a variety of social media app or, maybe even, Microsoft Teams (which you should be taking advantage of by now!) Now, you can use @mention in the comments section of Word and PowerPoint documents – you can easily grab someone’s attention and collaborate more easily as they’ll receive an email notification to join the conversation.

New Outlook user experience

A lot of us don’t like change so to ease users into the new Outlook redesigns, Microsoft are giving users the change to trial and test different aspects of the new UX redesign at their own leisure. Just switch on the ‘coming soon’ feature – if you’re curious!

Add theme to Power BI reports

Using themes in Word, Excel and PowerPoint are a fun way to give your work a distinct, unified look. Now, you can apply themes straight into Power BI as well; simply click the theme of your choice in the ‘switch Theme’ drop-down menu that is accessible via the Home ribbon. You will also have the option to create your own theme that is specific to your company’s branding, for example.

New template management in SharePoint

Now, you will be able to easily edit templates for a range of Office tools, as well as reorder and manage files directly within SharePoint – simple!

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