Microsoft Office 365 | May Updates

Ross MacKenzie

It’s no surprise that Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular productivity and business software packages, with each month bringing more and more updates that make your Office 365 experience more streamlined and useful.

This month is no exception with new updates such as Microsoft Score’s brand new security function, plus new data types added to Microsoft Excel.

Here’s our breakdown of what’s new, or you can view the full monthly update from Microsoft here:

More Insights in Microsoft Excel

The Insights function in Excel received a major update this May with Microsoft harnessing machine learning so that trends are automatically highlighted as you input data. This means that you can spend less time identifying patterns, and more time analysing what these patterns represent. Insights can be access from the ‘Insert’ button at the top of the Excel interface

Furthermore, other updates included a greater range of data types, each with their own perks. One of the new data types includes ‘Geography’ which can align inputted data with information sources – for example, when entering a country, Excel now associates additional information about that country, ranging from its currency to its political structure.

SharePoint Search

As ever, SharePoint is there to help manage files more efficiently – its latest updates streamline this tool even more. The search function now shows results that are fully personalised to you. Regardless of whether you’re searching for an individual, a file – this new update makes it even easier to find what you are looking for.

New Planner and Calendar sync

Prior to this update, any task that was uploaded via the teamwork tool, Microsoft Planner didn’t automatically add this to a users’ calendar. With this new update, you can arrange for entries to be easily moved from Planner to your calendar.

Why? To ensure that users don’t miss out on any upcoming deadlines and to harmonise the scheduling function that an organisation might have. If you’re interested in knowing how to set this up, head to ‘My Tasks’ and click the three dots at the top of the page – there you will see an option to move tasks into your calendar.

The new Microsoft Score

Newly created, Microsoft Score combines traditional Office 365 security score features with a wider Windows security score. This means that users can now take advantage of more insights into how their whole Windows ecosystem is performing security-wise; whereas before, users were only able to see the security score of which particular platform they were on.

With Microsoft Score, users can also compare their own security performance and score with wider industries – including average scores for other companies who share the same industry as well as averages across the wider Office 365 user base.


Have you ever “replied to all” by accident? Well worry no more as Microsoft have introduced a handy new feature which prompts the user before replying. This means that for those who regularly send and receive emails, Outlook will automatically inform you if you’re in this situation before you have a chance to hit ‘send’

If you’re an Office Insider user, you will now benefit from a new feature that allows you to listen to received messages. A great and essential tool for those who with accessibility needs but also a handy tool for when you’re multi-tasking and need a quick scan of your emails. You can access this feature by going to the “Ease of Access” section in the Outlook Options panel.

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