Microsoft Office 365 August 2018 Updates

Ross MacKenzie
Categories: Product Updates

Getting the very most from Microsoft Office 365 is an absolutely priority and staying on top of the latest updates and developments is key to achieving this. Unlike most businesses during the summer months, Microsoft showed no signs of slowing down and updated a number of features within the Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite.

If you'd like a quick summary of all of the Microsoft Office 365 August updates, then check out the video above.



The Whiteboard app is now out of preview and, as announced last month, is available for Windows 10 users. Using this handy tool, you’ll be able to create your own whiteboards for notes – using keyboard, pen or touch – so that ideas can evolve and be shared easily. Each whiteboard is saved to the cloud so that you and your team can access it remotely and not worry about space.

Improved OneDrive Activity Centre


OneDrive’s Activity Centre has been updated to include vital battery-saving features for Windows devices – pausing the sync when your device enters low power mode. Don’t worry though, you can stop this function if you’d like.

Nudges for MyAnalytics


You may not have heard of MyAnalytics but it is a great tool if you want to ensure that you’re using your time as constructively as possible. From now on, MyAnalytics will let you know when you need to set aside time when necessary as well as remind you to keep on track with certain tasks. MyAnalytics is essentially useful if you ever find yourself in a lot of meetings and need to balance work, emails and your to-do list.



Kaizala, a new app for Apple and Android, was also announced in this month’s updates. This tool allows workers who might not spend their days at a desk to keep updated with headquarters. Kaizala integrated field workers into office announcements, allowing for one-to-one or group chats or calls. It's great for work management, security and communication. Currently, it is only available in a certain number of regions.

Filters and splicers for Power BI

Now, filters and splicers can be applied to report sharing on Power BI. This saves you from having to explain a configuration or take screenshots when you share a report – it will display correctly every time.

Live Events


You can now create and deliver your own live event using the aptly named, Live Events; now coming to Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Stream. This update means that you can create studio-quality live events, which can be watched across a number of apps and devices.

Alongside this, Microsoft Stream will offer particular advantages, including the detection of facial expressions to allow for easy jumps to a given speaker during an event.

Analytics for Workplace

You’ve heard of MyAnalytics, but have you heard of Workplace Analytics? It is the equivalent but covers the entire workforce. Imagine team-based views and dashboards, with tips and meeting updates as well as plan analysis. Good news, it’s now available as an add-on for any enterprise plan for Microsoft 365.


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