Microsoft 365 | May 2019 updates

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M365 May19 Updates

Thanks to this month's updates, which include new compliance tools, app and feature improvements, you can get even more out of the intelligent Microsoft 365 Business solution.

Discover what the latest updates mean for you here:

Solution-wide search and insights:

By using AI from Bing and Microsoft Graph insights, Microsoft Search lets you find people, content, commands, and activities right across Microsoft 365. You can also access Microsoft Graph data connect through Workplace Analytics, to develop work pattern insights by combining your own business data with productivity data.

App add-ons:

Dark Mode

New app updates range from Dark Mode, in OneNote for Windows 10, which lets you darken your screen and adjust its color-scheme to reduce eye fatigue, to an entirely new MyAnalytics experience which helps build well-being awareness by clearly showing the number of days you are disconnected from work.

New MyAnalytics experience

Snap it for Excel

By simply taking a photo of a data table with the Excel app on an iOS device, you can have the image converted to a complete Excel table which you can then work on and edit. Great!

Include Microsoft Forms in Stream

Include Microsoft Forms in Stream

You can now create more engaging videos by seamlessly adding forms, quizzes and polls from Microsoft Forms directly into your Microsoft Stream videos.

Combine Microsoft To-Do and Planner

You can now use To-Do to view all your tasks, deadlines and details right across your 365 service.

And watch out for more summer updates, including a new SharePoint landing page experience, a Yammer Q&A feature and the ability to securely record, share or upload videos using the Microsoft Stream mobile app.

Record management and compliance

Microsoft 365 can now help you manage third party data from sources like Twitter or Facebook, by archiving it within the Microsoft Cloud. New record management abilities let you easily manage business, legal, and HR records in a single place. New intelligent data models can also help you classify data and monitor any inappropriate conduct used across parts of the system.

Meanwhile, with Azure Active Directory's new auditing and compliance controls, you can now govern employee and business partner access to resources.

Azure Active Directory

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