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Microsoft 365 Update July 2019
The July updates for Microsoft 365 cover Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender ATP, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Desktop Analytics and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Microsoft 365 is the comprehensive solution that includes Office 365 along with a host of other tools and solutions for a complete, secure business management infrastructure. Here's a look at the improvements for July.

Stronger security with simpler processes

With some new capabilities, you can protect against cybersecurity threats as well as discover them easily and remediate them swiftly

Strong passwords to increase account security ⁠— the public preview of FIDO2 security keys in Azure AD is now extended across all Azure AD-connected apps/services. Passwordless sign-in is a powerful new feature for Azure.

Real-time discovery and solution of vulnerabilities ⁠— Microsoft Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) deliver sophisticated, cloud-powered capabilities for real-time, risk-based vulnerability assessment and management. You'll find it in your Microsoft Defender portal, or you can sign up for a trial.

Enhanced productivity and collaboration

New Microsoft 365 capabilities help further enhance collaboration by organising tasks for greater productivity:

New features like Priority Notifications and Read receipts help ensure time-sensitive communications are prioritised. Furthermore, the Announcements feature helps highlight important news and post it across multiple channels.

Polls can now be added to Outlook emails, and meeting rooms can be booked through Outlook. These are new capabilities for Microsoft's email solution that make collaborative work smoother and simpler.

Make Yammer answers stand out from general discussions with new styling options. Authors of posts and group admins can give the best responses a 'Best Answer' marking to make it easier for users to find the right answers.

Work together in Microsoft To-Do by assigning tasks to individuals in a shared to-do list. This helps maximise productivity by letting everyone know their responsibilities.

Streamlining the management of IT

Through data-driven tools, you can now deliver seamless deployments and improvements of software for Office within virtual environments:

With Desktop Analytics, you now have a cloud-based service that provides intelligence to improve the quality of your software deployments. Make informed decisions about readiness for updates and assess the compatibility of apps you use with the latest Windows 10 feature updates.

Improve the experience of Office apps in virtual environments with FSLogic, Windows Server 2019 and new capabilities for Outlook, OneDrive and Teams. Microsoft 365 customers will get access to all these improvements at no extra cost.

New Microsoft cloud regions help drive digital transformation. The new cloud regions are located in the UAE and South Africa, opening the door for more organisations to experience the benefits of the cloud through resilient cloud services that meet your residency, compliance and security needs.

Other notable updates

Teams is now available in monthly Office 365 updates for existing customers - expect to see it appear in existing installations in the coming weeks.

The 'Online' branding for Office web apps has been retired, so don't be surprised to see minor changes in the product experience.

OneDrive Personal Vault has been announced, providing a personal area in OneDrive with strong authentication methods for maximum security.

The best way to experience the full benefits of everything Microsoft has to offer in collaborative business software is through a Microsoft 365 subscription. This is by far the most favourable subscription model, but if you don't require all those capabilities then a Microsoft Office 365 plan may be sufficient. In any case, Microsoft is continually listening to feedback and improving its services, so watch this space.

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