Microsoft 365 | July 2018 Updates

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M365 updates July 2019

As Microsoft 365 grows to become a key platform for Microsoft, the team ensure that the platform is constantly evolving so that the overall experience is better and more streamline than ever before – particularly with regards to identity-driven measures.

Office 365 user experience Updates

Firstly, Office 365 and its applications have been updated to simplify the user experience and improve accessibility. These updates include a simplified toolbar ribbon, plus a fresh palette of icons and colors; plus, an all-new search that is powered by AI will be introduced to make it easier to find the information that you’re looking for.

To find out more about these Office 365 updates, click here.

Office 365 Groups and SharePoint sites connections

Office 365 Groups will now be able to connect to operational SharePoint sites – this means that new groups can merge with the existing SharePoint infrastructure. You will be able to find team news, communications and other content in a single starting point – without losing any previous content or permissions.

Do not disturb for Outlook Android

Constantly being distracted by emails on your phone when you’re out of the office? Then this update is for you; activate do not disturb for Outlook Android.

You can now set a scheduled period of time, whether it’s an hour or a number of days, and notifications will be paused. Plus, you can customize these on a per account basis, rather than per user – handy if you manage multiple accounts that have different needs.

Microsoft To-Do

This month, ‘Steps’ were introduced to Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft’s task management system. This enables you to break down projects into smaller tasks, making them more manageable. These can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like them to be, plus you can share your lists with others too.

OneNote Dictation

Office 365 users can now use the hands-free dictation in up to nine different languages within OneNote. Simply click the ‘dictate’ icon to start speaking – there’s no need to even pause the recording if you have to make an edit on your keyboard.

Azure Active Directory

In security news, a new preview has been introduced that requires more privileged accounts to undertake multi-factor authentication. This will apply to any organisation that has Azure Active Directory and will help users secure their most important accounts. It’s opt-in at this stage, with default availability coming later.

Blocking legacy authentication using Azure Active Directory

Legacy apps are potentially on the way out, as organisations will be able to block their users from authenticating them. This is for the simple reason that identity and password attacks target older apps.

Adobe PDF Integration

The Adobe Document Cloud team have just announced new capabilities for OneDrive and SharePoint. These will improve their precision in working with PDFs, provide excellent previews and allow you to combine numerous files into an individual PDF file in the document library. 

Data Classification

Label Activity Explorer in Office 365 will now provide a user-friendly overview of how your organisation’s data has been labelled. This will allow you to stay on top of risky activity. There is also an improved, more user-friendly Data Governance dashboard to make the information more accessible and manageable.

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