Microsoft 365 Business Voice: The Benefits

Chloe Mustafa
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Since its launch in November this year, we’ve written quite a lot about Microsoft’s new telephony solution for SMBs (businesses with up to 300 users), Business Voice.

Cobweb MD, Michael Frisby, announced the launch with a blog on 5 November, Microsoft launches Business Voice, and a look at the system’s features, as a complete, cloud-based phone system, integrated into Office 365 and Microsoft Teams and bringing together chat, meetings, files, apps and calling into one platform.

We’ve also looked at the two main plan options available for businesses implementing Business Voice, and available as a with calling plan or without calling plan, in our blog, Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers ‘with’ and ‘without’ calling plans. While our blog, Get ready to hang up on Skype for Business Online, looking at the integration of the Skype for Business Online functionality into Microsoft Teams (with Skype for Business Online due to be retired on 31 July 2021), was a natural place to reiterate the features of Business Voice.

We thought it would now be useful to put out a blog focusing on the benefits of the solution, not least because as Michael Frisby says, “At Cobweb, we are very excited about the launch of Microsoft 365 Business Voice and believe it is the phone system of the future for any business using Office 365.”

Business Voice benefits

  • Business Voice is a phone system built to help enhance productivity, as an integral element of the Office 365 teamwork hub, Microsoft Teams
  • Businesses benefit from implementing an all-in-one communication solution, with unified calling, chat, and meeting features - accessible from anywhere on any device
  • The service is hosted from Microsoft’s datacenters, fully delivered from the cloud, and so eliminating the need for costly, on-premises infrastructure
  • Business Voice incorporates security, privacy and compliance functionality
  • The solution helps ensure smooth running within a business, with built-in redundancy and active load balancing for 99.9% uptime guaranteed by Office 365.

Business Voice is a flexible, configurable solution, offering a rich feature set. An easy port facility, enabling the simple move of existing phone numbers, with the additional ability to select new numbers, are added advantages, while the solution incorporates traditional and next generation calling features, to enable businesses to streamline and unify communications.

If you’re new to Business Voice, download a copy of our eBook, Microsoft 365 Business Voice - The complete business phone system for SMBs, for a deeper delve into the features, functionality and benefits. The Cobweb team will also be happy to help - call 0333 009 5941 or email

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