Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers 'with' and 'without' calling plans

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Microsoft launched Microsoft 365 Business Voice in November 2019.

Designed to enable SMBs (organisations with up to 300 users) to benefit from the advantages of telephony functionality available previously only to the enterprise business, Business Voice is an all-in-one, digital, cloud-based phone system.

Integrated into Microsoft Teams and Office 365, Microsoft has created two main plans to ensure that any business can benefit from the broad, flexible, configurable, rich features of Business Voice, whatever their existing telephony system.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice
(with calling plan)

Microsoft 365 Business Voice delivers the complete phone solution, incorporating the phone system, audio conferencing and domestic calling. Businesses also have the option of implementing international calling, as an addition to the with calling plan.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice
(without calling plan)

Microsoft 365 Business Voice (without calling plan) incorporates the phone system and audio-conferencing features, and is offered in two formats:

Microsoft 365 Business Voice
(without calling plans) with direct routing

The direct routing option to enable businesses to benefit from the features and functionality of Business Voice while using their own selected telephony carrier for the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Cobweb partners with various telephony providers to deliver this option.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice
(without calling plan) using existing PBX system

For businesses wanting to continue to use an existing PBX system, handsets and phone system features, Qunifi’s Call2Teams will connect any PBX phone system to Business Voice. With this option, the per-user service is delivered from the cloud: no hardware, software, or changes to the existing PBX system are required.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice - which option is for you?

Cloud-based and embedded into Office 365 and Microsoft Teams - the office apps that are the bedrock business tools of organisations across industry and regardless of size - Business Voice enables businesses to:

  • Streamline operations
  • Create better user experiences
  • Achieve digital transformation initiatives
  • Provide a flexible work environment to enable individuals to truly work from anywhere

At Cobweb, we believe that Business Voice is the phone system for the modern business, and with the calling options available, can meet the needs of the modern business whatever their current telephony service.

Our eBook, A Free Guide to Microsoft 365 Business Voice, has more information and Business Voice and the with and without calling plans.

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