Meet Kaizala Pro — A Powerful tool for Business Communication

Ross MacKenzie

All small business owners know how key effective communication is to their organisation. Enabling staff to exchange information is vital in helping them to collaborate more and perform better. One of the best tools to help here is the newly launched Kaizala Pro mobile chat app. With this messaging solution in place, you will find it easier to enable effective communication across all levels of your small business. Already available as a free app from Google Play or the Apple Store, the Pro version just launched has many extra features to use.

What is Kaizala Pro?

In simple terms, it is a secure and easy-to-use mobile messaging app. It is ideal for managing work within your business as well as enabling communication across your whole company. If you want an easy and mobile way to connect staff, partners, customers and vendors then this app is it. It gives you the power to send instant messages, invoices and actions all from one simple interface along with work scheduling functionality.

In addition, Kaizala Pro has the ability to send images, audio files and other attachments as required. Perhaps the most important element for business is the access to valuable feedback it offers. Simply send out custom polls or surveys via the chat interface before seeing the results come back in a handy report format.

What extra features does Kaizala Pro offer?

As noted above, Kaizala Pro is the newly launched version of this messaging app from Microsoft. For just £1.14 per user per month, you get access to:

  • Group management tools that make looking after your Groups simple with increased management tools.
  • Full user management so that you have total control over your Kaizala groups by being able to wipe group data off a device and remove people from any group.
  • Set-up public groups by using the intuitive Management Portal to set-up public groups as required. This can include anyone who needs to be involved in the conversation from colleagues to stakeholders.
  • Create custom actions based on your own specific business needs.
  • Even more advanced analytics and reporting through a more detailed breakdown of the data collected in polls and surveys for thorough strategic planning.
  • Total system integration with unique APIs - make it easy to integrate the app with your existing systems by using Kaizala's unique API functionality.

The above shows just how powerful the Pro version of Kaizala is and just what it can bring to your organisation.

Connect your whole company with one simple app

If you are looking for ways to connect your office staff with field staff then Kaizala Pro is worth thinking about. When you also factor in how it allows your customers and vendors to join in the conversation too then it gets even better.

As a tool to make collaboration easier, manage work and collect data from large groups, it is hard to beat. The added functionality of the Pro version of Kaizala gives it a new lease of life and makes it ideal for all small businesses looking to work smarter. Simple to use and secure, all you need is a phone number for each person and you are good to go.

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