March updates bring more reasons to use Microsoft Teams

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The worldwide ‘work-from-home’ phenomenon which has descended on us as we combat the coronavirus has led to a spurt in the uptake of Microsoft Teams – the unified communication and collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams recently gained 12 million daily users in just one week and now has over 44 million active users worldwide.

Teams have come of age, so too has the flexible, mobile workplace. And now, Microsoft Teams is to get enhanced capabilities to make the experience even more valuable.

Here are some of the latest developments:

Better audio quality even under high packet loss networks

When joining meetings over a poor Wi-Fi or cellular connection—whether taking a call on the go or joining a meeting from a crowded hotel—high data packet loss can adversely affect the audio experience. New Microsoft Teams algorithmic improvements are delivering audio quality even under congested networks.

Raise hands

In Microsoft Teams “raise hands’ feature allows meeting attendees to signal they wish to speak. Everyone will see a visual cue on the attendee’s video feed, as well as in the participant list, and then give them the chance to participate in the conversation.
Raise hands in Microsoft Teams

And coming soon...

Focusing on you with background blur for IOS

This frequently used desktop feature will come to IOS devices soon keeping you, and not the background, in focus.

Whether it’s the hub of a cafe or background office chat unwanted noise is distracting but soon a thing of the past for your Teams meetings. The soon-to-be-released real-time noise suppression feature will automatically remove unwelcome background noise during your meetings. Soon, noise suppression will be generally available for recorded video content in Stream.
Blurr background IOS

Pop-out Teams chat into multiple windows

During the coronavirus outbreak, Microsoft teams' usage has been increased. A new Pop-out chat feature gives you a better messaging experience and helps you streamline your workflow by allowing users to pop out their chat conversations into separate windows. This feature is currently available for the Windows clients only and the complete roll-out for all customers will start in early April.
Pop-out Chat

Use Microsoft Teams offline

Users will be able to open teams without an internet connection. Also, will be able to create and read messages, pinned chats, calendar summaries and browse channels offline.

Build bigger Teams

The upper limit on individual team membership from 5,000 to 10,000 users will come into force in April. This will power collaboration and process scenarios especially for large teams and organizations that rely on front-line workers.

Group chat with up to 250 people

The limit on group chat is to be expanded in April to 250 users.

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