Join MENA's move to the cloud with Microsoft Azure and Cobweb

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By the end of 2020, around 96% of the MENA region's workload will be available and processed in cloud applications while data traffic in the Middle East is expected to grow more than 400% by 2027. This all suggests a greater regional understanding of cloud computing as fundamental to keener competitiveness and the evolution into smart cities and a desire to reap the advantages of Microsoft's planned new datacenters in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain.

With the introduction of four new solutions, Cobweb can ensure that you successfully transition and migrate to Microsoft's powerful Azure Cloud platform. These services are for businesses wanting to refresh their IT infrastructure to ensure they're a modern business, boosting productivity, heightening competitiveness, gaining greater data security as well as tightening cost control.

Database Modernization

This is one for organisations of any size, enabling you to address problems that arise from legacy on-premises IT infrastructure such as those with SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 — both of which will shortly be vulnerable to security breaches as a result of Microsoft's planned withdrawal of support after 9 July 2019 and 14 January 2020, respectively. By moving to Azure now, you'll benefit from peace of mine as Microsoft has promised three years' free security updates for SQL Server 2008 database server workloads as long as they are hosted in Azure.

Database Modernization helps you transfer existing on-premises legacy databases to Microsoft Azure. Using industry best practice and software database migration experts with more than 22-years' experience in helping customers move to the cloud, our team works in partnership with you to assess, migrate and optimize your SQL database workloads in Microsoft Azure. Plus, if needed, Cobweb can also provide ongoing service management of the database workloads.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

This three-phase service ensures businesses implement the best possible security as they move to the cloud and maintain best practice. The service begins by helping businesses plan and implement directory synchronization between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD, and to activate enhanced security elements within the service. Once deployed, Cobweb experts can monitor and manage the solution to ensure identity security is maintained at the highest level.

Additional service options are available to layer on top of this base package, such as third-party cloud application integration and enhanced security features, with multi-factor authentication.

We recommend that key I.T. personnel as well as management and executive level stakeholders participate in the initial assessment stage, which can be carried out on-site or remotely. This is when key information about your requirements is explained and configuration options chosen to deliver on your desired business goals and outcomes. A consultation workshop with your IT team and other interested stakeholders will follow to ensure deployment options are fully understood and suitable features selected – including for password synchronization, write-back functionality, and seamless sign-on capabilities.

The Cobweb team will be with you all the way from assessment, through implementation and management.

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Infrastructure Modernization

This is the go-to service for businesses wanting to address IT infrastructure challenges and achieve business growth and transformation goals through increased agility, enhanced security and lower costs. The service will see Cobweb experts partner your own team to assess, migrate to and optimize your existing IT infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Cobweb can also provide ongoing service management of your new IT infrastructure.

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CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service

This comprehensive solution will give you total peace of mind thanks to its commitment of delivering ongoing support for your transition to Microsoft Azure. With this service you’ll get the most our of your Azure investment thanks to its range of offerings, including monitoring & management, platform maintenance, performance troubleshooting and service management and all-round platform protection.

You’ll reap the benefits of having a secure, available and high performing solutions which is constantly updated and compliant.

And what’s more Cobweb experts will be on hand, round-the-clock to offer any necessary support while a Cobweb team member will meet with you monthly either online, over the phone or in person, to discuss any issues and help plan any recommended service changes.

How have we put a price on peace-of-mind? Well, CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service comes in a range of monthly-subscription service plans which provide support based on the Azure resources defined at the start of the contract. And it’s a flexible service so that as your business needs grow, new services can be added with contract upgrades.

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