Is a lack of productivity causing you sleepless nights?

Ross MacKenzie
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mf-circle-june2019-2.tmb-thumb160Michael Frisby, Cobweb MD writes...

Did you know that today is World Productivity Day?

Enabling employees to be more productive is a central tenant of the modern workforce, yet it’s something with which small businesses continue to struggle.

In a recent survey, UK SMBs said old-fashioned processes, out-of-date computer systems and problems hiring the right staff were hampering their growth. Indeed, 2018 figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the UK still trails behind our six counterparts in the G7 when it comes to productivity.

But times are changing. The growth of the ‘gig economy’ means we’re seeing more non-office-based employees in the form of freelance and contract workers. In addition, the next generation of employees – Generation Z – is about to enter the workplace with specific expectations of what their workplace should deliver, including the ability to work from any location.

Employers, too, are recognising that team members who can work remotely are among the most satisfied, creative and productive, because that work freedom enables them to perform better. They also understand that offering the opportunity to work remotely will help to secure top talent.

This is backed up by the survey above – when asked what technology would help them boost their productivity, most UK companies said up-to-date business software, the ability to work away from the office, being able to store documents in the cloud and implementing artificial intelligence to handle repetitive tasks.

Microsoft 365 is a single platform that ticks all these boxes. It enables businesses of any size to increase productivity, reflecting the demand for increased collaboration and flexible working, while lowering operational costs. It combines the power and familiarity of Office 365 Business Premium, with Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM&S) capabilities in a single platform.

At the heart of the platform is Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s fastest ever-growing business application. Teams enables employees – whether office-based, in the field or on the road – to be more productive by working collaboratively and sharing information in real time via shared workspaces and storage applications.

This not only unlocks team members from the restrictions of legacy, office-based IT but it can reduce time-to-market, accelerate product development and enable improved customer service.

Cobweb has been helping small businesses become more productive for more than 20 years. For example, when software developer iSalon moved to Microsoft 365 Business, it enabled its employees to have access to all their notes, apps, and contacts in one place with Microsoft Teams. It also improved compliance and data loss prevention while reducing costs of an estimated £7,500 annually by eliminating the need for on-premise IT infrastructure.

Helping small businesses increase productivity has always been at the centre of Cobweb’s purpose and on #ProductivityDay we’re delighted to be helping more than 5,000 businesses achieve their goals with the latest productivity solutions including Microsoft Office 365 and in particular Microsoft Teams, the modern hub for teamwork.

Don’t be one of the two thirds of small business owners who are losing sleep over their company’s lack of productivity. Speak with one our cloud specialists to see how Microsoft Teams can help improve productivity in your business today.

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