Introducing CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service

Ross MacKenzie
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Get ongoing support and peace of mind with the cloud platform, modern business solutions leader

Today’s successful businesses are looking to refresh their IT infrastructure to ensure they’re at the sharp end of modern solutions delivery. For us at Cobweb, that can only mean a move to Microsoft Azure – THE cloud platform of choice for modern business solutions. With unparalleled hybrid and public cloud capabilities, Azure offers the most comprehensive AI (artificial intelligence) services and the largest number of data center regions worldwide – including 2019 additions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain enhancing security and data latency for the GCC.

To help you get the most out of the Microsoft Azure platform, including Identity & Access Management, Infrastructure Modernization, Cloud Desktop and Cloud Backup – we’ve created the CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service to give you ongoing solution support and peace of mind.

Discover the offering:

CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service helps organizations maximize the business outcomes of moving their IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure by providing:

1. Advanced monitoring and management:

To keep the solution secure, available and high-performing, the service uses cloud-powered monitoring and analytics which help optimize the service quality of your cloud infrastructure. Options include delivery of: performance checks and alerts; monitoring of security, network performance and mobile devices as well as cost optimization automation.

Our cloud support engineers will receive and respond to alerts from the monitoring systems configured on your cloud infrastructure. Monitoring can be implemented at the cloud infrastructure layer, operating system, database, as well as for specific business applications running within the solution.

On receiving an alert, the Cobweb can refer the incident to your in-house IT team for resolution or handle the issue on your behalf, with appropriate support escalation to Microsoft as required.

2. Orchestrated platform maintenance:

We will pro-actively assess your platform update and patch requirements to keep you secure and compliant, and automatically implement any necessary installations or fix any patch roll-back issues if needed.

3. All-round protection:

We will ensure that your platform is protected against known viruses, and catch/detect and secure against new, hard-to expose malware threats. This includes provision of:

  • Extensive signature-based scanning
  • Active, real-time protection and behavioral scanning
  • Powerful customization - for example, for customer-specific practices/technology

4. Solution backup:

Every organization running cloud infrastructure needs to backup and restore data/platforms as required. CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service can provide backup configuration, management and monitoring.

5. 24/7 support:

Our cloud experts are on hand, round-the-clock, to answer any cloud-based solutions queries.

6. Service management:

A Cobweb expert will meet with you monthly either online, over the phone or in person, to discuss any issues and provide a comprehensive report on availability, security and performance then recommend and help plan any service changes.

7. The service plans:

CobwebComplete Azure Managed Service comes in a range of monthly-subscription service plans. Cobweb provides support based on an agreed list of Azure resources which are defined at the start of the contract. As business needs grow, new services can be added with contract upgrades.

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