Interested in security and backup? Look no further

Ross MacKenzie

The world of technology is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to meet the needs of its users. For example, in recent years innovative new ways to combat the growing malware, data and security risks consumers face have been at the front and centre of the efforts of many IT companies.

Acronis is no exception to this trend, recently releasing a powerful array of new features. The upgrade also includes improvements to existing elements of their solution, and entirely new services designed to help businesses across the globe achieve their goals.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Office 365 is the industry-standard when it comes to collaborative working environments, fostering dynamic teams and growing business efficiency. Now, with complete backup, businesses can gain control of their data with enhanced, bespoke protection. 365 Backup is now available for both OneDrive and SharePoint, and its functionality on Exchange has been dramatically enhanced.

This latest iteration of updates means Office 365 backs up from Microsoft data centres directly to Acronis data centres, for instantaneous protection. An excellent feature is the automatic protection of newly registered users, accounts or groups, ensuring you and your data are protected from the get-go. Remarkably, this added security has not impacted the efficiency of data access: it's easy to search through former backups for individual files, even with only partial information. A useful new feature is flexible recovery, allowing you to specify granular point-in-time recovery options rather than just opting for a blanket approach.

This raft of security features combating internal security threats (such as leaked usernames, accidental file sharing/deletion amongst others) is a much simpler task. The latest round of updates also makes it easier to tackle cybercrime and deal with harmful malware threats, as well as ensuring absolute regulatory compliance - this is particularly important given the importance of GDPR and stipulations of other pieces of forthcoming legislation.

Acronis Backup Cloud

Updates on Acronis Backup Cloud include a new virtual appliance for more easily deployed VMware-based infrastructures, and proxy server access using credentials for vastly improved levels of functionality and usability. An impressive new feature is laptop-optimised backup scheduling, offering the benefit of flexibility, increased efficiency and powerful security. Advanced measures automatically prevent backup over unsecured and variable networks like hotspots.

Acronis Active Protection

Acronis Active Protection uses machine learning to analyse activity, isolating unfamiliar or suspicious behaviour patterns and spotting potentially dangerous threats before they have the chance to develop. This iteration has vastly improved AI capabilities - for example, the automatic recovery of damaged files.

Machine learning means Active Protection is constantly getting smarter, with reams of data feeding in from across the Acronis data cloud. Its threat-spotting heuristics are only getting more accurate at spotting and neutralising malicious activity. The latest batch of updates means even removable devices (such as cameras, phones or flash drives) are protected too.

Physical Data Shipping

This service solves the problem of how to transition to a cloud storage solution quickly, safely and securely by physically shipping your data to an ultra-secure, off-premises site. Enhanced security measures and location tracking mean your move towards a cloud-based storage solution will be completely safe and seamless. As the initial backup can be transferred physically, it means only partial/incremental backups have to performed afterwards, saving you hours of time.

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