Integrate your phone system with Microsoft Teams to enhance business efficiency

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Wayne Hollomby, Cobweb Voice consultant writes …

At the last official count Microsoft Teams had 145 million daily active users. But as this figure relates back to April of this year, the number could in fact be far higher by now.

Microsoft’s Office 365 and Microsoft 365 team hub, Teams, has come into its own during the past year with remote and hybrid working adopted across so many businesses.

But it’s not only the pandemic which has been responsible for the huge jump in number of users – up from 75 million the previous April (2020). Teamwork is essential for any business, and the easier and more efficiently teams can get together and work together, the better for the business.

That’s why Teams has seen so much uptake, with its messaging, video meetings, and filesharing delivered in one simple service, while integration with Office 365 and Microsoft 365 resources enables users to move seamlessly between different tools.

But if you’re using Teams, you’ll be aware of these benefits, and of the further benefits to be had from incorporating additional complementary tools. One of these is Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice – Microsoft’s phone system for the SMB

Launched in 2019, Business Voice is Microsoft’s phone system for the SMB (up to 300 users) – and since its launch, we’ve seen huge uptake in the numbers of businesses with Teams moving to Business Voice for their phone system.

If you’re new to Business Voice, quite simply the solution gives users access to all the features needed to make and receive external phone calls.

With Business Voice and its integration into Teams, there are all the advantages associated with creating that single pane of view, plus easier/quicker access for making and taking calls. There’s no need for users to move to separate devices – although of course, Business Voice gives the option to retain desktop handsets, for example, if that’s the way a business wants to go.

By adding Business Voice to your existing Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licences, you’re removing the need for dealing with a separate telephony provider, and consolidating billing and support channels.

Plus, not all your employees may need to make/receive calls to/from outside lines. For those that don’t require this functionality, Business Voice is simply not added to their Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licence. But the ability is there to add it – and quickly – if their communication needs change.

Flexibility doesn’t end there, either. Microsoft offers with and without calling plan options so that if you have an existing PBX system you want to continue using, for example, direct routing enables just that.

Thinking of moving your phone system?

With Teams you empower the teams across your business, with its communication and collaboration features and integration with the apps on which your teams rely daily.

Why not take that integration one step further?

Our eBook, Microsoft 365 Business Voice, takes a look at the features and benefits of implementing Business Voice, along with the various plan options available. Our Cobweb team is also here and ready to help with whatever questions you might have.