"The Technical Day" Highlights at Future Decoded 2015

Ross MacKenzie
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Day 2 of Future Decoded has drawn to a close and from the keynotes to the breakout sessions, it has been a fascinating event.

On Day 1, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella laid out his vision for Microsoft over the coming years. Underpinning his cloud-first, mobile-first philosophy is a desire to give us back that one resource we never seem to have enough of.

“With all of this abundance of computing that we have, what is still scarce is human attention and time,” he told the capacity crowd.

The UK is ranked the lowest of the G7 countries when it comes to productivity and Microsoft and its partners think that the answer comes from digital transformation.

Whether it’s time or productivity, at Cobweb, we believe that our technology solutions liberate businesses from the shackles of traditional infrastructure. Working with partners like Microsoft to provide the very best cloud-based technologies to our customers and resellers, we are confident that we can get you back that most precious resource – time.

Day 2 was the Technical Day. For techies like us, Day 2 is when the fun really starts. One of the most significant announcements today came from Chris Bishop, head of Microsoft Research Cambridge. He announced that Microsoft’s Project Oxford team plans to release public beta versions of new tools designed to help developers to create smart apps, capable of identifying sounds, words, images, as well as facial expressions and emotions.

Project Oxford was announced Microsoft's Build event. By doing R&D that would be unaffordable to most and handling the compute in Azure, Microsoft hopes to bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to the masses.

At Cobweb, we’re confident that all of our customers are happy, but it would still be fun to run a facial expression analysis every now and then, just to be sure!

Kevin Ashton, inventor of the Internet of Things, peered into his crystal ball today and gave his predictions for tomorrow’s world. He told the crowd that society needed to come to terms with the pace of technological innovation.

“It’s not how quickly things change, but how quickly we get used to how quickly things change and become ordinary,” he said. “Predicting the future is easy. Believing it is hard.”

Kevin offered up a series of bold predictions, including everyone owning a self-driving car by 2030, the discovery of extra-terrestrial life within this century and a human being born on another planet within the next 100 years.

However outlandish these prophecies might sound, Kevin’s predictions proved his point – which is that society never believes technological advances are possible, until they are.

Other keynote speakers included security expert and blogger Graham Cluley, who gave some stark warnings on the Internet of Insecure Things, as he puts it; and Professor Brian Cox sat down with Microsoft’s Krysta Svore to talk quantum computing.

And, of course, as one of Microsoft’s leading UK partners, the Cobweb team was on hand throughout the event, sharing its expertise as a Microsoft Cloud Distributor.

All in all, it was another fantastic day and, as always, a brilliant event. We hope you enjoyed it and if you couldn’t make it, there is always next year. See you then!

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