Helping our customers beat the Microsoft price rise

Categories: Business

Microsoft made two big announcements around Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 back in August, a change to how they work with partners like Cobweb (called “New Commerce Experience per Seat”), and a price rise of between 9% and 25% on six of the most popular Microsoft 365 solutions.

Microsoft 365 Offer Price Rise
Microsoft 365 Business Basic 20%
Microsoft 365 Business Premium 10%
Microsoft 365 E3 12.5%
Office 365 E1 25%
Office 365 E3 15%
Office 365 E5 9%


Since the announcement we have been working out how we can best help customers beat this price rise and keep costs as low as possible on their Microsoft 365 services, something we always look to help customers achieve.

The price rise means that any customers with subscriptions for the impacted solutions which renew after 1st March 2022 will move on to the higher prices at that point.

We’re offering customers the ability to renew those subscriptions early before the end of February 2022 to maintain the existing prices up to February 2023.

Even if your subscription renews before the end of February 2022, we’re offering a new commitment to manage your Microsoft 365 subscriptions up to February 2023 and to keep the current prices until the next renewal cycle, helping you keep costs as low as possible.

With the new way of working Microsoft is removing the flexibility to reduce the number of users on a subscription mid-term.  To offset this, a new more flexible monthly-term subscription is being introduced.  We expect this monthly-term subscription will be ~20% more expensive than the annual-term subscriptions.  If you have a variable workforce, with spikes of employment, e.g., holiday staff, Christmas workers, etc. then our Customer Success team is here to help you work out the optimum mix of annual and monthly subscriptions.

If you’d like to understand how we can help keep your Microsoft 365 costs as low as possible please contact the team today, we’re here to help! Email (and we’ll call you back) or call 0333 009 5941.