GITEX Points to Regionwide Cloud Migration Trend

Ross MacKenzie
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Cobweb’s first foray into GITEX – the Middle East’s undisputed premier technology forum – was a resounding success with potential clients from around the region seeking advice on planning total cloud strategies for 2019 roll outs.

The Team at GITEX

And Microsoft’s plans to launch two new data centres in the UAE early next year is concentrating regional minds on cloud migration, according to Cobweb UAE Managing Director Altaf Alimohamed.

Regionwide Appeal:

"In the wake of GITEX we are now following up on serious enquiries from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt,” explained Alimohamed. “From the fast-food industry to jewellery retailing, these potential clients are increasing keen to move infrastructure off-premise to make the move to the cloud. Microsoft’s planned UAE data-centres appear to be making regional businesses more comfortable with a cloud approach as the benefits of improved latency and local data sovereignty are being appreciated.

Alimohamed says interest in the data centres – one in Abu Dhabi, the other in Dubai – is so strong that he is confident Cobweb will be the first to migrate a project to them.

Data centres — the competitive advantage

The new Microsoft data centers, each the size of four soccer pitches, will deliver the intelligent and trusted Microsoft Cloud which will further enhance the productivity of regional organizations, governments and businesses. The benefits, says Alimohamed, are a major plus in the region’s continuous drive to global competitiveness. The UAE has just ranked 27th out of 140 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2018 edition. Saudi Arabia ranked second in the region and 39th globally, up two places from its 2017 spot.

While the trend is upwards, there is still a way to go particularly as the UAE has stated its determination to reach the top 20 on international competitiveness rankings. And this is where the data centers will assist. These major facilities will ensure speedy access for clients and deliver a level of security that will surpass anything provided by an on-premise data center. Local businesses will be able to leverage the hosting power of these state-of-the-art data centers and move onto modernizing applications and focusing on customer engagement strategies. They will improve the region’s capacity to innovate, foster business dynamism and increase competitiveness performance," he said.

CobwebCompleteApplicationHosting: the turnkey migration service

With business minds increasingly turning to 2019 cloud migration, Cobweb launched a new service at GITEX which provides a complete turnkey solution. Called Cobweb Complete Application Hosting it is a two-series offering based on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services through Microsoft managed data-centers.

Interest in this service, backed by news of the UAE data centers is running high,” said Alimohamed.

CobwebCompleteApplicationHosting comes in two, subscription-based formats both of which, with a specific configuration to achieve auto scale feature, offer Azure’s elastic bandwidth which automatically scales up cloud-serving capability when needed with clients only paying for the vital stretch period.

The ‘B’ series is for small operator switch applications, such as an ERP, which only need to be accessible to four or five users. The series’ economical virtual machines are an affordable option for workloads that typically run at a low to moderate baseline Central Processing Unit performance, but sometimes need to burst higher when demand rises. Many applications, such as development and test servers, low traffic web servers, small databases, micro services, servers for proof-of-concepts, build servers, and code repositories fit into this model.

The ‘D’ series has enough computing capability to host a corporate-level ERP open to around 30-40 users. It supports premium storage and is based on the latest hyper-threaded generation of general-purpose instances running on both the Intel Xenon E5-2673 v3 2.4GHz (Haswell) and the Intel Xenon E5-2673 v4 2.3GHz (Broadwell) processor. The Dsv3-series sizes offer a combination of vCPU, memory, and temporary storage for most production workloads.

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