Get Ready For A Home Run With CobwebCompleteSMB

Ross MacKenzie
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A Home Run With CobwebCompleteSMB

Great news from Abu Dhabi this week that people will now be able to officially work from home for the first time with the introduction of a new licensing system that drops the requirement for an office or workspace for two years. It’s going to be a huge boost for entrepreneurs/start-ups who can now officially join the mobile/flexible working movement which is spreading globally.

Research shows that mobile working – the ability to work from anywhere at any time without having to be based in an office – delivers great life-work balance and can boost productivity by up to 30%. And of course, there are other benefits to mobile/flexible working. Just think if more companies in the UAE embraced the movement of the impact of reduced traffic on the road! How much happier would staff be if they didn’t have to sit in traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road for instance when they’re trying to get home to Sharjah. Happy workers make for a more stable, engaged and productive workforce. It also means that companies are likely to recruit the top talent around who are now demanding flexible/mobile working solutions.

However, there are serious concerns surrounding flexible/mobile working – data-security is high among them. But did you know that all the concerns can now be addressed through tailored, cloud-based IT solutions that are available on monthly subscription – which makes great sense for the home-based entrepreneur operating on tight budgeting. At Cobweb Solutions UAE we understand that entrepreneurs, start-ups and solopreneurs need to stay focused on building their business so we help you unlock the full value of your IT investment freeing you up to concentrate on that vital growth.

CobwebCompleteSMB has been designed specifically for the entrepreneur/start-up and SMB. Our team manages and monitors your entire IT environment, bringing together the best-of-breed solutions to safeguard business data and assets across ALL devices making mobile/flexible working a secure reality.  We also make sure you’ll stay ahead of the digital game as your business scales up – so there’s no heavy capex IT investment needed.

With Cobweb CompleteSMB you get a suite of Office 365 programs, tools and services to help you improve productivity, leaving you with more time for your clients’ business — whether that's making it easier to manage files, simplifying communication and collaboration among contacts, or managing meetings on the move.

Office 365 combines staples such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, with the next generation of productivity-based services — Skype for Business, for example — that bolster collaboration and communication.

With tools, such as Skype for Business, and Teams you can have no-cost conferencing, ready access to the most important information relevant to you and create and share interactive reports and presentations.

And with our highly affordable monthly subscription model, Cobweb deploys and manages Office 365 for you so your systems will always be up-to-date. You’ll get automatic updates and new features, and regular monthly updates into upcoming features and services. Importantly you’ll also get an additional layer of protection against damaging and costly cyber-attacks. Industry-leading anti-virus and anti-spam technologies, including Mimecast, stop unwanted messages and protect mailboxes from targeted attacks. Your vital data will also be kept secure with scheduled back-ups to the cloud from all your devices.

And a major advantage is that with CobwebCompleteSMB you’ll get on-going support and training from our experts who help you fine-tune your services as your business thrives. You may also want to consider Cobweb CompleteFinance – the small business VAT compliance option – which is a cloud-based accounting solution built around the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. This incorporates a financial add-on module, available only through Cobweb which has the functionality to enable businesses to become VAT compliant. And, because it’s been developed specifically for SMBs, there’s no minimum Dynamics licence requirement. That’s what we call a scoring a home run!

If you’re ready to go mobile and ensure VAT compliancy – call our experts who’ll be only too happy to get you going!

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