Five cloud features for a productive mobile workforce

Caroline Wigley
Tags: Cloud Adoption

This is the second in our ‘cloud’ blog series, with the first looking at how cloud computing can save businesses money. The benefits of a cloud environment go beyond that, though. This article looks at another side of cloud computing: mobile productivity.

Flexible working

Employees can quickly access the communications and files they need from anywhere, whether it’s in the boardroom or on the road. That makes your company more agile and attentive to your customers’ needs.

Enhanced collaboration

Remote team collaboration can supercharge everyday work. Cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft’s Office 365 let people work together, either making edits on their own schedule, or even co-authoring them in real time from remote locations.

This enhanced collaboration creates a related benefit: everyone sees the same up-to-date copy of the data. Forget meetings where one person didn’t get the latest numbers — in the cloud, everything is current.

Data management

One of the biggest problems in traditional office computing environments is finding data when you need it. Where was that report from last May? Does anyone have the sales numbers from last winter? Information silos stop people seeing the information they need.

In the cloud, everything is searchable. High-performance databases collect and index your data, making it searchable by everything from the content to the author. Because data is in the same place, all the employees that need access to it can see it.

Data safety

This centralised data storage also eliminates one of the biggest concerns for companies with mobile users: data security. All too often, employees storing data on mobile devices and drives lose it, resulting in some hefty fines.

Cloud applications eliminate that problem by storing data safely and allowing administrators to encrypt it. They can classify that information, assigning security controls such as password protection and multi-factor authentication to protect it from prying eyes. This also means that employees can use their own mobile or home devices to access business files safely.


The final cloud productivity benefit for mobile users is automation. This is one of the cloud’s best features, enabling users to set up automated workflows for repetitive tasks. If you’re on the road and you need to approve a file and send it on to the right group of people, Office 365 can handle it all for you in seconds, using custom rules.

We’ll explore automation in more depth in our next cloud-focused blog post. In the meantime, contact us for more information about how cloud computing and mobility can help supercharge your workforce productivity.

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