Does your business have a Digital Transformation strategy?

Ross MacKenzie

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) recently published their latest research whitepaper, Cloud: Driving Business Transformation. The executive summary begins with a reference to CIF’s 2016 paper, and a warning to business that to be able to survive in our ever-developing economy organisations need to be making use of digital technology – with this year’s research findings advising that this is even more essential in today’s economic climate.

Technology, as the term implies, is central to digital transformation, but which also requires businesses themselves to change – to adapt organisational and work practices to be able to embrace and derive the greatest benefit from the technology.

The CIF paper states, “Cloud is, at its heart, as much about transforming people and processes as it is about technology – and is therefore a critical component of Digital Transformation.”

At Cobweb – born in the cloud and having been developing expertise and skills for over 20 years – we’re convinced of the power of cloud, But, for a business looking to develop a digital transformation strategy, the following will be worth considering. With cloud,

  • Organisations don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure and can trial and test solutions and products without heavy upfront investment, as well as scale up and down as business requirements change
  • Ongoing cost is minimised, with businesses paying only for what they require, often on a predictable, monthly billing basis
  • Access to technology is faster – from initial implementation to automatic upgrade and update
  • Pressure on in-house IT resource is reduced – with support in the hands of cloud experts.

The CIF paper reports on a survey of UK business and IT decision makers from SMBs to enterprise and public sector organisations, and across market and industry. One of the findings is that 92% of the organisations surveyed believe that cloud is important to their digital transformation strategy – with over half at 49% regarding it very important or critical.

Michael Frisby, Cobweb MD, comments, “Business buyers and employees are more demanding than ever and so developing and implementing a digital transformation strategy that helps drive employee empowerment which in turn leads to optimised operations, transformed products and more engaged customers is critical to the longevity of virtually every business.”

A further finding from the CIF survey is that 44% of the organisations surveyed had either implemented a digital transformation strategy or were in the process of doing so, with an additional 32% planning to do so by 2019.

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