DocuSign eSignatures helping Customer Support provide the best customer support

Ross MacKenzie
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Good customer relationships are key to a successful business, and customer satisfaction is a metric on which many companies are judged. Aside from the obvious benefits that come with happy customers – word-of-mouth marketing is vital for any business, as are renewals – it makes much more sense financially for a business to ensure it’s fulfilling all customer requirements quickly and efficiently. Reports indicate it can cost five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one.

When a customer calls or emails with a sales or technical enquiry, the support team doesn’t want to be scrabbling around to find the appropriate documents or customer details – and neither does the client want to face days wasted waiting to receive contracts and other important documents.

Many organisations are realising the benefits of digitising customer documents and processes, resulting in fewer mistakes, increased compliance and significantly reduced operational costs.

An important part of digitisation includes implementing an eSignature solution, which can help solidify an organisation’s relationship with its customer base and reduce churn. A platform such as DocuSign’s ticks all the boxes, driving customer satisfaction, retention and crucial renewals business.

For example, eSignatures reduce the time the customer support team spends entering data manually into their systems. They can streamline work orders and have field reps input data, such as serial numbers, labour and part details, and customer signatures. It is also much easier for field service workers to collect signatures after the completion of customer support calls or in-person services.

Also, with data and regulatory compliance on every organisation’s radar, eSignatures enable teams to securely store signed documents, complete with audit trail information, aligned to the business’ own retention policies.

There are many benefits to the customer, too. We live in a mobile world, and customers want the freedom to work on the move. With DocuSign, they can instantly sign-off on orders, cancellation requests, account changes, or acknowledge and accept terms of service changes. simply with the press of a button on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone, with several authentication options.

Customers can even make self-service requests for support with forms that automate workflow and processes.

DocuSign’s partnership with Microsoft Office 365 means users benefit from a seamless, end-to-end solution integrated into their most familiar and widely-used applications – and many of the leading CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

An eSignature solution is a key investment for ensuring organisations, regardless of their size, provide the best customer support possible, resulting in a sustainable pipeline for future business.

DocuSign eSignatures helping Customer Support provide the best customer support is the sixth in a series of blogs we’re producing to show how DocuSign delivers services across industry and department. 

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We also have an eBook – How to create a compliant and truly paperless process with eSignaturesavailable for download, andour DocuSign service page has more information about the eSignature solution.

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