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Planning, creating and delivering a product to market is an enormous task. It can involve numerous organisational departments, data, processes and business systems covering marketing, forecasting, and even profit and loss (P&L).

It’s essential that complexity, human error and duplication of processes is kept to a minimum. Project managers need to ensure there’s transparency over the entire process, that team members can communicate easily and quickly, and that both timescales and budgets are adhered to. Overwhelming time constraints is one of the top challenges cited by project managers, alongside a lack of control regarding product management.

However, this can be a challenge when juggling multiple teams and processes. This is where eSignature software can help.

An eSignature solution, such as DocuSign, helps product management teams speed up delivery of new products or versions by helping to simplify multiple inputs, provide visibility into timelines, and facilitate clear communication across teams.

For example, team members can streamline the once laborious and time-consuming process of signing off and approving requirements by automating routing and workflow to their requirements, and can even set proactive reminders to speed the process.

It is also much easier to gather form-based product inputs from multiple parties, such as employees, customers and partners, and send product roadmaps for approval and sign off. It drives alignment between product management and engineering teams by requiring both groups to electronically acknowledge and approve requirements.

It also aids the change management process by enabling users to route documents to ensure the appropriate individuals are approving in the correct order, serially or in parallel, saving rework cycles later.

This also applies to release management, the process of managing, planning, scheduling and controlling a software build through different stages and environments; including testing and deploying software releases.

Crucially, managers can have full visibility into the approval processes, see who has reviewed the documents, and retain a complete audit trail that maps to the organisation’s own internal retention policies – essential for compliance purposes.

DocuSign makes code review reporting more transparent by ensuring clear documentation and reporting for bug reports, for example, or meeting notes across the organisation, improving visibility and control.

Elsewhere, marketing is also a key part of taking any product to market and DocuSign can help marketing departments launch programmes faster by making it easier for important contracts to be executed, as well as internal sign-offs on marketing plans, briefs, and content.

Ultimately, adding DocuSign to product management documents and processes increases control, improves visibility and helps ensure the smooth rollout of the product.

DocuSign delivers services across industry and department, and we’re creating a series of blogs looking at DocuSign in various organisational departments or industry.

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DocuSign eSignatures are transforming businesses - across every department

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