DocuSign eSignatures for IT/Operations

Ross MacKenzie
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Despite the increased focus on technology in the new digital world, many companies still struggle with limited IT resources.

The IT department is responsible for ensuring entire organisations’ IT system remain up and running 24/7, which means they are often stretched to capacity. With so much energy spent on ensuring the day-to-day running of IT operations, potential digital transformation projects can be downgraded in priority.

The last thing IT workers need, therefore, is to be weighed down by paperwork, or labouring with unnecessarily complex ways of doing business – whether that’s IT purchasing, asset tracking or chasing sign-off on IT projects.

Electronic signatures (eSignatures) remove that complexity. They allow organisations to fully automate their IT operations across a wide range of functions, providing instant visibility into key processes or obtaining sign-off at the click of a button.

For example, an eSignature solution like DocuSign’s makes it easy to enable employees to electronically acknowledge and sign IT policies. eSignatures help to create a detailed, tamper-proof audit trail of every interaction with any document – a big step in helping to improve best practice around compliance, and which will be increasingly important in the future with forthcoming data regulation like GDPR.

DocuSign also makes it easier to track assets, as collected data can be imported directly into the company’s asset management systems. Plus, IT pros can maintain proper control and records for all assets they’re transferring or retiring by embedding eSignature software within their existing forms, and linking to their financial systems.

DocuSign also means the end to time wasted in chasing signatures or hunting for relevant paperwork when working on projects. Users can create and automate workflows that guarantee transactions receive the proper approvals from the appropriate people at the right time. Team members can embed sign-offs into project management documents – everything from bug fixes to new feature requests – ensuring better visibility and control for everyone involved.

With ticketing and incident reporting more transparent, there’s faster response time and, ultimately, more productive employees!

Obtaining authorisation for maintenance work, or obtaining sign-off for order fulfillment becomes a much speedier process than a manual procedure requiring chasing down multiple signatures, potentially saving the business hours in a work day.

Meanwhile, in a production environment, users can quickly and easily achieve proper authorisation and sign-offs before making changes, thus reducing potential errors and improving cross-team coordination.

An eSignature solution such as DocuSign’s can provide a transparent view of the IT department’s vital processes, as well as enabling faster reaction to incidents – and leaving IT free to focus attention on transformation projects that deliver real business value.

DocuSign delivers services across industry and department. DocuSign eSignatures for IT/Operations is the fifth in a series of blogs looking at DocuSign in various organisational departments or industry.

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DocuSign eSignatures are transforming businesses - across every department

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