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The Human Resources (HR) department plays a pivotal role in any organisation. But as with every other aspect of a successful organisation, HR processes need to reflect those of the new digital world, and meet the expectations of increasingly tech-savvy job candidates. HR is always looking to improve the employee onboarding experience, increase employee satisfaction, and focus HR staff away from mundane tasks.

Printing, signing, and scanning or physically returning paperwork such as NDAs, offer letters, and releases for background checks is not only hassle for the candidate, but asking them to do so suggests an organisation is stuck in the past.

Implementing an electronic signature (eSignature) solution such as DocuSign’s enables new hires to fill out and sign paperwork wherever they are, on the mobile device of their choice.

Meanwhile, HR regularly requires employee signatures on a variety of documents, such as holiday and paid-time off (PTO) requests, benefits enrolment, payroll forms and performance reviews. Distributing paper documents that require physical signatures is cumbersome and time-consuming for all involved. With eSignatures, the process is electronic end-to-end, meaning cycle times are cut dramatically.

When processing documents it can be difficult to keep tabs on the status of those documents, to have an accurate count of employees who’ve signed key forms and of those yet to sign. With DocuSign, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly where each document is in a process, and highlight who has yet to sign. Dashboards provide current status reports, and HR staff can track and analyse an employee’s progress over time.

eSignatures can also help HR put signed agreements and forms in place with business and independent contractors — before the work starts.

Plus, it’s easy to keep employees worldwide up-to-date on company policy and obtain electronic acknowledgement critical for compliance.

Using eSignatures can also improve procurement processing. Requests and approvals come from individuals scattered throughout the company, and obtaining the necessary sign-off in a timely manner can be challenging. With DocuSign, users receive alerts and notifications in their inbox so they can quickly and easily move requests along, and advanced workflow capabilities enable requestors to customise signer order. This makes the process faster and more efficient, so all parties are kept happy.

In addition, it’s critical for HR teams to demonstrate compliance with key processes such as new hire paperwork, security check-offs, and audits. Even when it comes to non-regulated processes, mistakes in paperwork can be costly. eSignatures ensure accuracy and demonstrate compliance more effectively than traditional document management processes. DocuSign also provides complete audit trail and document retention capabilities.

DocuSign helps facilities teams optimise the processes needed to run physical premises, increasing visibility into key processes, and making on-site interactions more pleasant for customers, vendors and employees.

An eSignature platform, such as DocuSign’s, enables organisations to streamline the building lease signing process, handle complex negotiations and approvals including move-in and move-out requests and equipment rentals, automatically calculate fields, and even manage payments.

DocuSign can also standardise and automate the way facilities contracts and agreements are executed. The process can handle employee and department requests, and leverage automated workflows to route approvals and signed work orders and lien releases. Facilities can also save time authorising, estimating, tracking and paying or billing work orders, and integrate directly with their finance or business systems.

Plus, the visitor experience is important – and with DocuSign, sign-in at reception or the front desk becomes a piece of cake, for registering visitors, alerting employees of guest arrivals, and automating NDA signings. DocuSign can also manage the process for issuing parking permits and site passes to employees, contractors, and partners by obtaining electronic acknowledgement and signatures.

DocuSign can streamline a wide variety of processes, cut costs, improve compliance, and free up staff time for other critical HR and facilities functions.

DocuSign delivers services across industry and department. This blog – the fourth in our DocuSign series – has focused on the benefits the eSignature platform can bring to processing in HR and Facilities.

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You might also like to download our eBook – How to create a compliant and truly paperless process with eSignatures).

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