DocuSign eSignatures are transforming businesses – across every department

Ross MacKenzie
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Despite the vast number of organisations that now recognise the cost and productivity benefits of digitisation, many companies continue to struggle with old fashioned and time-consuming workplace practices. Employees still spend too much of their time wading through paperwork, relying on slow and often unreliable methods of communication with partners and customers – all while trying to keep up with frequently changing regulatory standards and compliance.

DocuSign’s electronic signature (eSignature) solution provides a fast, easy and trusted way to conduct major transactions digitally, increasing productivity and efficiency while ensuring authentication and security.

But DocuSign’s eSignatures aren’t just for signing contracts – they can transform the working lives of employees in any department of the business, regardless of industry.


With DocuSign, sales teams can spend more time selling and less time tracking down signatures.

Teams can avoid delays by automating sales contracts and agreements, saving time and reducing the re-keying of data. Plus, it’s easy to modify contracts, including calculated fields, contract start and end dates, and other inputs. DocuSign also easily integrates into many of the leading CRM systems, including Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Human Resources

DocuSign helps HR departments make key functions – such as hiring, onboarding, and benefits enrolment – paper-free, so they save time, reduce errors, increase compliance and improve employee and candidates’ hiring experience.

HR teams can also streamline new hire paperwork, enable candidates to electronically sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), improve recruiting workflows and keep employees up-to-date on company policies.


Finance departments can accelerate invoicing and cash flow, improve compliance, gain real-time visibility into critical document processes, and integrate DocuSign with existing finance systems.

Accounts can collect information to invoice customers and feed data directly into their billing system, reducing errors and accelerating billing. They can also improve cash management by enabling employees to electronically sign expense reports, as well as acknowledge and sign company policies.

IT / Operations

DocuSign gives IT the ability to automate processes and forms across a wide range of functions, from asset tracking to support tickets.

The IT team can make asset tracking entirely digital, from having employees sign to collect data that can be imported directly into asset management systems. It can also embed sign-offs into project management documents, from bug fixes to new feature requests, ensuring better visibility and control.


DocuSign helps legal departments increase document automation, efficiency and compliance with industry-leading standards of enforceability, including robust authentication, encryption, tamper-seal certificates, chain of custody, and an audit trail.

They can quickly execute NDAs with job applicants, new employees, vendors, and partners by using pre-configured templates and workflow.


DocuSign makes it easier to finalise contracts, as well as to manage internal sign-offs for marketing plans, briefs, and content. It also provides an easier way for customers to register for events such as webinars.

Marketing can obtain quickly and efficiently legally-binding release forms signed by customers and consumers to use in campaigns, and sign-off for press releases and other media assets.


DocuSign streamlines the lease signing process, handles complex negotiations and approvals, automatically calculating fields, and even managing payments. It can also improve a visitor’s experience by automating a check-in process, alerting employees, and automating NDA signings as well as managing and issuing permits and passes by obtaining electronic acknowledgement and signatures.


Teams can reduce the hassle involved in account changes that need customer signatures by providing the ability to electronically sign via a computer or mobile device, incorporating a number of authentication methods. Elsewhere, they can streamline work orders and have field reps input data — such as serial numbers, labour and parts — and customer signatures. Plus, it’s easy to collect customer signatures after the completion of customer support calls or in-person services.


DocuSign can streamline the way employees manage suppliers and contract processes, while lowering costs and removing risk from the supply chain. Secure, tamperproof documents, audit trails, enterprise-level administration controls, and document retention options make compliance easy to manage.

Procurement teams can also collate master service agreements for vendors and partners together in a single place for 24*7 access from anywhere.

Product Management

DocuSign helps product management teams speed up delivery of new products by helping to orchestrate multiple inputs, moving timelines, and facilitation across teams. Adding DocuSign to project management documents and processes increases control and improves visibility across an organisation.

Teams can gather form-based product inputs from employees, customers and partners, and send product roadmaps for approval and sign off.

DocuSign’s partnership with Microsoft Office 365 means users benefit from a seamless, end-to-end transaction compliance management solution integrated into their most familiar and widely-used applications.

Cobweb’s 20 years’ experience in delivering, managing and supporting cloud services means you get the most from your investment in DocuSign and Office 365. Cobweb’s cloud experts have helped more than 6,000 businesses move to the cloud, and can respond to your needs at an individual level. 

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