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Get the low-down on the latest Office 365 Updates. Microsoft products are continually improved to meet your business needs. Here you can discover more about these Office 365 upgrades and the value Cobweb can help deliver.

Teams Works Better

The latest release of Microsoft Teams, the chat-based workspace, puts the solution right up there as one of the best workplace organisation and management tools to come out in recent years. Already a great way to manage meeting notes and facilitate workplace chat in a secure and safe environment Teams now makes it easier to delegate and transfer calls & here'd how:

Easier delegation

If you have a licence for Microsoft's Enterprise Voice software, you can now use Teams to assign the right to take and place calls to a specific person. Simply head into the app and click on your profile picture. After you click Settings and General, the Delegation tab should appear.

Call Transfers

Just like on a real-world business phone, it's now possible in Microsoft Teams to have a quick chat with a colleague prior to forwarding an incoming, external call. That way, you can confer with colleagues before you put through a potentially difficult call, giving them time to prepare. But unlike a real-world phone, you don't need to invest in an expensive telephone hardware kit. The Microsoft Teams calling system works on a whole host of devices and operating systems, too, including PCs, mobile phones and Macs - so you can enjoy this capability wherever you are, and on whatever kit you use.

Help Pilot Microsoft Training Services

This digital, customised learning service for Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 helps you get the very best from the platform, without having to overspend on training. The service includes, customisable and always up-to-date content; experiences that are tailored to an organisation's needs; and useful metrics on the sort of training materials clients use and on the custom playlists they consume and share. The service will be available in late July 2018 as a pilot. Register and learn more at

Over To Outlook

There are also new Outlook features across Mac, Windows, web and mobile, which better help you manage your time and prioritise tasks. Coming soon to Windows is a feature which makes it easier to add a new meeting or location for an event on iOS; Outlook will suggest locations before you even begin to type, such as recently used conference rooms or your own office. It will also use your location data to send you up-to-the-minute travel details and directions and let you know when it's time to go. Another useful update will let you know who's going to attend or has responded to a given meeting allowing you to prioritise accordingly. Previously, this information was only available to the organiser. Allowing or preventing forwarding of a given event is also included in this update.

Another Outlook addition is improved time zone functionality — great for scheduling conference calls and other meetings with colleagues or clients overseas. Up to three time zones will now be visible in Calendar.

OneDrive and SharePoint

There is improved functionality in the built-in scan feature for the OneDrive iOS and Android mobile app which can be accessed from a dedicated icon in the tab bar. For greater convenience, there's automatic uploads for photos and videos in OneDrive for Business and there’s a new ability to set and require a password when you share a file or folder. This latter feature is particularly useful if a file was sent in error and is independent from the secure external sharing controls managed by admins. You'll also be able to prevent people from downloading view-only links.

SharePoint Spaces will also deliver mixed-reality experiences with users viewing content from every angle, while visualising and manipulating data on product models.

Title & More

Theres now more title bar functionality from a new drop-down menu, allowing for quick renaming of documents, easy sharing and location settings.


With GDPR now in force - yes you must comply even if you're in the Gulf if you're keeping data on EU citizens, Windows users can find many Office 365 solutions to help manage data including: Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Data Governance, Office 365 eDiscovery and Customer Lockbox.

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