Discover how a Gulf energy and facilities management leader is reaping big rewards from the cloud

Ross MacKenzie
Tags: Microsoft Azure

Enova is one of the region’s biggest names in energy and facilities management and it has powerful names behind it. It was formed in 2002 as a joint venture between the shopping malls, communities, retail and leisure leader Majid Al Futtaim and resource management pioneer Veolia. Enova now serves a wide portfolio of clients in the Middle East’s public, residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors.

Dubai-based Enova delivers market-leading design review, strategic consultancy, commissioning and implementation of valuable asset and energy management solutions, through to the long-term maintenance and operation of its clients’ systems and assets. It guarantees efficiency and operational economies through results-based contracts and carefully worked out Service Level Agreements, all tracked by agreed Key Performance Indicators.

The main part of on-boarding any new Enova client is the setting up of their own dedicated information resource – a Computer-Aided Design and/or relational database software server, customized for facilities management, known simply as CAFM. However, each CAFM database holds at least 300GB of data in hundreds of thousands of record fields with associated client information, technical data and operational responses for Enova staff.

The Challenges

The challenge for Enova is not just the efficient setting up of a CAFM resource - it’s guaranteeing its continuous availability and scalability. Enova‘s IT team wanted to radically simplify the CAFM administration while making the data as secure, available and protected, as possible.

“We are a fast-growing regional organization and the setup of physical devices in our local data center was a constraint for our development,” confirms Business Development & Marketing Director Francisco Ramalheira. “We have over 400,000 informational assets on our CAFM systems that have to be available 24/7 for optimal client support. Safeguarding this vital resource while lifting the physical limitations of on-premise software and infrastructure is crucial for our digital transformation. Additionally, we wanted more agility and speed in our troubleshooting process and be able to focus on application modernization.”

Enova’s main concern was its compact IT team’s ability to cope with ever-increasing business. Having to procure and deploy physical servers was slowing down client on-boarding.

The Solution

After detailed analysis, Cobweb suggested a move to Azure, a Microsoft solution, would solve this issue and allow the team to access computing resources whenever needed.

Enova agreed to migrate its entire on-premise data center to Azure with Cobweb’s guidance, which was derived by a complex, but ultimately successful, phased migration. It began and finished on time with no customer service disruption. Now fully live, Enova has firsthand practical experience of the power of Azure.

The Result

“There are some cost savings, but this was never the primary aim of our move to public cloud,” explains Ramalheira. “Instead, we have already secured two strategic imperatives: stability and freeing up of resource.”

“Before the migration to the cloud, the IT team spent 50% of their time on hardware maintenance, 40% dealing with support calls and only 10% on actively supporting the business with innovation,” Ramalheira states. “Since our move to Azure, we have much more time to focus on our company’s digital transformation and lead the way by pioneering smart digital solutions.”

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