Digital transformation taking hold across the UK

Ross MacKenzie
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The main heading in the latest report from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), Cloud – The Next Generation, is that digital transformation is continuing apace across UK organisations.

The paper – reporting the findings from a survey of 250 senior IT and business decision-makers from enterprise organisations, SMBs, and public sector bodies – opens with the claim that “digital transformation sits at the top of near every board’s agenda”, and highlights the following figures:

  • 68% of organisations either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are currently implementing one – with the majority seeing cloud as an essential element of the strategy
  • Today, 89% use cloud-based services, with 75% reporting use of two or more services
  • And, 84% of these organisations expect their adoption of cloud services to increase over the next year.

At Cobweb – born in the cloud, and delivering cloud solutions for over 20 years – we welcome the report’s finding that, “the UK business community is, on the whole, enthusiastic about the potential that the digital revolution holds for them and their organisations”.

We’ve been promoting the benefits to business in moving to the cloud for the past two decades, and it’s interesting to see that organisations, when asked to rank various statements about what the current digital revolution means to them – and these views are representative of both business and IT decision makers – in first place, is,

It’s a thrilling opportunity to change my business,

closely followed by,

It’s empowering me, my job and my business.

Chris Hoard, Business Consultant at Cobweb, says, “Businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits of moving IT services to the cloud.

“With IT effectively ‘as-a-service’ and paying on demand, organisations can scale requirements up and down as needed – as CIF says, making flexibility and agility ‘the order of the day’.

“With cloud, organisations also remove the requirement for expensive infrastructure – eliminating the need for initial purchase and ongoing maintenance – and in-house IT teams are freed up to deliver programmes and projects that deliver enhanced value to the business.”

Cobweb offers a range of cloud solutions, focusing on the three areas of helping businesses to:

Increase productivity – improving collaboration and communication, with a focus on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Improving security – protecting servers, devices and applications against threat and data loss, and enhancing identity management

Modernising their IT your infrastructure – optimising business operations through digital transformation utilising Microsoft’s Azure platform.

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