Data Warehousing: Unlocking Hidden Transactional Data Intelligence

Ross MacKenzie
Tags: Microsoft Azure

Get multi-platform resources into a single warehouse hub and access Microsoft’s Power BI business analytics to create and visualize results in record time.

Data Disruption:

Content may be king for marketers but for strategy, product development, management, marketing and sales and even HR, data is nothing short of transformative. Time and again data accumulation and analysis has produced evidence-based insights that have led to powerful changes for organizations and businesses both inside and out. Data is now vital to both customer retention, in an age where customer loyalty is in freefall and product and price comparisons are available at the click of a mouse, and to new business generation to keep the client base growing. It’s also spurred major internal changes. Data gives you the inside track into how your customers, indeed entire markets, behave, enabling you to develop products and services specifically tailored to them.

The Inside Track

But data collection doesn’t just give you the power to transform your product and market approach, it gives you, and your staff, the inside track on internal performance. By collecting internal data from employees as they work, you, and they, can get hitherto unforeseen insights which help refine procedures and improve efficiency.

Step Up The Pace:

Data analytics will help identify failings and opportunities and once highlighted, changes can be made. However, in today’s fast-paced world, speed is essential to maintain and build market share and head off competition.

Keeping the Data Safe and Supple:

Safeguarding your data and ensuring it’s optimized to bring the swiftest of results is key. It’s vital to entrust this invaluable asset to a tried and trusted partner with faultless credentials – this is serious stuff! With CobwebCompleteWarehousing (CCW) you get the power of a world-leader in cloud solutions and Microsoft rolled into one and with a subscription-based offering that means It’s totally affordable and scaleable to your business. CCW leverages Azure SQL Data Warehouse - the most globally available of all cloud data warehouse services - to provide you with an integrated collection of cloud services, designed to make your business more productive and cost effective and dramatically accelerate your query performance. Plus, with CobwebCompleteWarehousing you can get insights from live streaming data with ease. You can capture data continuously from any IoT device, or logs from website clickstreams, and process it in near-real time. It helps reduce costs by enabling you to scale, compute and store independently, and by offering pause and resume capabilities.

A Case In Point:

The Entertainer Middle East, the regional consumer offers leader supporting 10,000 merchants in 40,000 destinations, opted for Azure-powered CobwebCompleteWarehousing to unlock the hidden value in millions of transaction records and accelerate intelligence delivery to internal decision makers and global merchant partners. The company had never fully exploited in-depth analysis of its transactional and customer records and its reporting infrastructure was complex and outdated with reliance on multiple Tableau Data Engine and Tableau extracts.

“We extracted data from many sources daily, storing it in the Tableau Server Data Engine with queries serviced from the extract instead of a live database,” explained Jawad Ashraf, Technology Head, The Entertainer Middle East. “While OK to begin with, our growing data volume meant it was no longer enough.” Cobweb proposed a dedicated cloud store purely for detailed customer data analysis.

After evaluating various cloud suppliers, Ashraf decided Microsoft’s approach was the best chance of realizing a purpose-built company data warehouse. The blending of multiple sourced data and writing of complex and heavy queries for reporting format alignment reduced management reporting and dashboard production times from 40 to 5 seconds with all data in a single source, reporting-friendly format.

The new Azure SQL Data Warehouse was populated with 15m transaction records and 200m records of The Entertainer’s main app usage data. “We expect these figures to more than double in the next year,” predicts Ashraf, and that’s just fine with this scaleable solution.

CobwebCompleteWarehousing & Advantage Azure

Here’s how CobwebCompleteWarehousing and Azure will help you unlock your data performance potential.

  • It can be integrated with existing environments through its network of secure private connections, databases and storage – the largest available
  • You can quickly scale resources through a pay-as-you-go service giving you the ability to meet changing business needs.
  • You can make quicker and smarter decisions by accessing predictive analytics services
  • Azure’s Anyway Apps will let you track and understand any campaign’s success so you can swiftly move to cut underperforming promotional spend
  • You get guaranteed 99.9 percent availability, regulatory compliance, built-in advanced security features, and data sovereignty across more than 30 regions so you can build a data warehouse that meets your business needs and helps you reduce costs.
  • You get 24-hour implementation support, including training from Cobweb UAE and the UK

Smart use of data capture, analysis and reporting is now the core of business intelligence for speedier and better-informed management, product/service development and sales/marketing. It’s an essential pre-requisite to a digital strategy for businesses/organizations, big or small.       

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