Our experience as all Cobweb staff switch to working remotely

Emma Jobling
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Emma Jobling, Head of the Cobweb Team, writes …

Last week we blogged about how we can help businesses prepare for remote working, as we anticipated an announcement from the government about a move from the containment phase to the delay phase in its measures to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Since last week, many more measures have been announced, and which include the government now recommending that companies that can, move to remote working for their employees.

And, at Cobweb, we have chosen to implement home working for all our staff.

We explained in our previous blog, how the productivity and security suite Microsoft 365, and in particular the team-hub Microsoft Teams embedded into Microsoft 365, enables remote working. Although our teams have always taken advantage of the ability to work away from the office - whether on-site with a customer, waiting in an airport lounge, or working from home due to a personal commitment - this is the first time the company is doing so in its entirety, and we’ve been delighted by how smoothly the change to home working has gone.

Two days in and - apart from only needing to come downstairs to ‘the office’, rather than struggling with the rush-hour on the roads - we might all just as well be in the office.

It has not affected in any way support for customers or vendors. We’re continuing to receive and deal with support calls and emails, and attending meetings - although virtually, now, through video conferences.

However, putting into practice the technology features we so often write and talk about has also highlighted that there is very much a human element involved with remote working. One of our first concerns was that in doing so for an extended period of time, individuals can begin to feel isolated. We’ve, therefore, as an example, set up daily calls with videos on to ensure that the team camaraderie - that is so important - is not lost.

Take a look at our remote working page for more information about home working to discover how Cobweb can help you enable remote working at this difficult time for businesses across the country.

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