Cobweb MD highlights the power of cloud in Cloud Industry Forum webinar

Cobweb Team
Categories: Business Transformation Cloud Transformation
Tags: Cloud Data + AI

On Tuesday 16 March 2021, Cobweb Managing Director, Michael Frisby, joined James Green (Head of Data analytics, Ancoris) and Aaron Segesman (Solutions Architect Matillion) on the panel for the webinar, Unlocking the Data Economy with the Power of the Cloud: Strategies for Success.

Hosted by Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) CEO, Alex Hilton, the webinar was part of a series titled, Digital Transformation in Action.

The aim of the webinar was to look at how organisations can make themselves more competitive by harnessing company data and embracing cloud solutions. Microsoft second this approach, highlighting the impact that “basic interventions” have when adopting a more sustainable business growth model: “£48.2 billion – the cumulative boost to the UK economy if all UK organisations achieve a minimal increase in their competitiveness.”

The panel discussed the importance of businesses unlocking the value of cloud and its agility, flexibility and security capabilities – and covering in particular:

  • That hybrid and multi-cloud environments are key to success in revolutionising the use of data
  • The need to ensure that organisations’ cloud-powered data strategies meet data regulatory requirements, and that they are scalable and secure
  • The ways in which cloud analytics support better business decision making.

Michael’s main messages during the webinar were that:

  • Data fuels transformation in two key ways –
  1. Through providing better business insights
  2. Through automating processes
  • Business owners need to make the decision to take the first step – either on building better insights through data or automating their first process.
  • Microsoft Power Platform democratises access to solutions for businesses of all sizes.

You can see a recording of the webinar here.