Cobweb Celebrates 20 years in the Cloud!

Ross MacKenzie
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20 Years

Today, Friday 25 November 2016, marks Cobweb Solutions’ 20th anniversary.

Cobweb began in the cloud, in 1996 when Cobweb founder, Executive Chairman Paul Hannam set up a website hosting service in a converted stable block in his back garden.

Early customers ranged from local shopkeepers (to whom Paul would have to explain websites and this new ‘inter web’ thing) to larger organisations, such as county councils.

Innovation and early adoption set the tone in the early years – as they’ve continued to – evidenced not least with the company’s foundations two years ahead of Google’s.

In 2001 came partnership with Athene, Cobweb’s CTO Julian Dyer’s internet services provider.

Hosted Exchange launched in 2003 – with upgrades in 2007, 2010, 2013.

Over the years Cobweb’s portfolio of partners has grown, as has the number of customers.

Innovation coupled with hard work and commitment (24-hour support was introduced early on, in 2003) saw the number of users grow to 50,000 in 2010 – and double to 100,000 by 2013!

A major landmark was the inauguration of the apprenticeship programme in 2011, and which has seen every one of the apprentices offered a permanent position, with many now having gone on to third line technical roles.

2014 saw Cobweb become a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, and Tier 2 the following year, with partner channel company Vuzion launched in 2016.


Thank you to all our customers. We have enjoyed working with you over the last 20 years – and look forward to a productive and even more innovative, and exciting next 20. As MD Michael Frisby says, “The future has never been brighter” – for Cobweb and our customers alike.


Paul Hannam 


Cobweb is inspiration.

Cobweb represents innovation, liberation and freedom. It’s part of a journey that still excites me, and that we’ve all been travelling on since the internet first came into being.

Cobweb brings the benefits that the internet and cloud computing have brought throughout the years to everyone, and not just large enterprises. Cobweb has democratised the internet revolution for small businesses.Cobweb’s success has been built upon word-of-mouth. Our relationship with all our customers is one of long-term mutual benefit

Vuzion is about building sustainable partnerships into a comprehensive eco-system that blends the capabilities of diverse businesses to provide a market-leading cloud proposition to customers.

We’re all part of the fourth industrial revolution and the impact of this digital transformation has only just begun.

Julian Dyer


Cobweb is my passion, my interest, my hobby.

Cobweb is special because it has an agenda for itself that lines really well with the success of the businesses we work with – small, agile and interested in growth.

The story I remember most from the last 20 years is about getting into the internet for the first time. We needed to become an internet services provider and so built a wall of modems in my office – literally hundreds of modems – all connected in a mass of spaghetti of wiring. The number of customers grew, we graduated to professional level equipment and launched our first free internet service, Freenet.

For many years we were working towards being able to resell the MS cloud and that came to fruition December last year. That combination of wholesale and reselling capability was critical to our strategy to become a cloud solution provider.

Michael Frisby 20


What I love about Cobweb and Vuzion is that we are all about helping partners and customers get the most from the cloud.

It is the deep expertise and knowledge we have across our teams that enables us to deliver great value and great services, to help our customers and partners unlock the full potential of the cloud.

We’re on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution, one that is going to change the technology we use and people’s lives more in the next 20 years than we’ve seen in the last 300.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will empower all of us to do more than we’ve ever been able to do before, both from a work and personal perspective.The future has never been brighter, with more opportunity than right now, meaning the next 20 years for Cobweb and Vuzion will be a lot more exciting than the first 20.

Clare Barclay Microsoft 


Microsoft’s long, successful partnership with Cobweb has helped thousands of customers understand and embrace digital transformation. Together we will continue to innovate and deliver cutting edge cloud solutions.

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