Azure in-depth series: Azure updates 26 July 2021

Cobweb Team
Categories: Azure

Jonathan Harris, Cobweb Solutions Architect, writes …

Microsoft’s announcements for Azure this week (w/c 26 July 2021) are summarised as follows:

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is now available in Canada East
  • AVS is the facility to have VMware ESX hosts running in an Azure Datacentre, making it easy to transition on-premises VMware workloads and move them to the Microsoft cloud. A particular benefit of AVS is that support staff don’t need to learn about Azure components as everything still runs on VMware.
  • The Microsoft Azure VMWare Solution page has more information.
Azure Firewall Premium is now Generally Available (GA)
  • Azure Firewall is Microsoft’s Network Virtual Appliance for perimeter security.
  • The Premium offering builds on the Azure Firewall Standard offering, to include:
    • TLS (Transport Layer Security) inspection
    • URL filtering to block websites and web categories
    • Intrusion Detection System.
  • You can find further details at Microsoft’s Next-generation firewall capabilities with Azure Firewall Premium
New Traffic Analytics Insights is now GA
  • This provides network traffic analytics using the flow log information from the Network Security Groups (NSG), including source, destination, type of traffic.
  • The analytics are found in Azure Network Watcher.
  • Additional insights offer the ability to see any malicious traffic hitting the network, and more detail about the type of threat.
  • Traffic information is also available on Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS).
  • Plus, insights into the network traffic distribution between regions and inter-zones within the same region is available.
Azure shared disks is now available for all Premium and Standard SSDs
  • Shared disks allow a number of Azure VMs to connect to the same disk. The amount of VMs that can connect to the same disk varies depending on the disk SKU.
  • Shared disks are used for VM clustering.
  • Clustering was previously restricted to only certain disk SKUs, but is now available for all Premium and Standard SSD disks.
  • The maximum number of VMs that can connect is still dependant on the disk SKU, and these connection limits are listed on Microsoft’s Share an Azure managed disk
Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server Auto-grow is in Public Preview
Traffic Analytics Azure Policies
  • There are three new Azure policies for Traffic Analytics in Azure Network Watcher.
  • The policies are used to show where Traffic Analytics is not enabled in the subscription.
  • New “Deploy if not exist” policies enable Traffic Analytics where required.
  • Microsoft’s Deploy and manage Traffic Analytics using Azure Policy has more information.

 As always, if you’ve any questions or would like any more information about any of the above – or would like to talk anything Azure, get in touch with the Cobweb team.