Azure in-depth series: Azure updates 13 September 2021

Categories: Azure Business

Jonathan Harris, Cobweb Solutions Architect, writes …

This week’s Azure updates are as follows ….

VMSS Flexible Orchestration Auto-scale – Public Preview


VM On-demand Capacity Reservations – Public Preview


Azure Firewall Updates


Azure Files Reserved Capacity Pricing


Azure Disk ZRS

  • An Azure Zone is a part of an Azure region with independent cooling, power and connectivity.
  • Disks can be configured to use either Local Redundant Zone (LRS) and now Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS).
  • Local Redundant Storage creates three copies of the data in the same zone.
  • Zone Redundant Storage creates a copy of the data in each zone, therefore more resilient.
  • Another benefit of ZRS is that VMs using availability zones and shared storage will access the local zone copy of the data, therefore resilient and better performance.
  • More information can be found in the link below: