Azure in-depth series: Azure updates 10 January 2022

Categories: Azure

Jonathan Harris, Cobweb Solutions Architect, writes…

Traffic Manager New Probe IPs

  • Azure Traffic Manager uses DNS to point to services in different regions, on-premises, or different clouds. Probes are used to check the health of the connection between the endpoint and Traffic Manager.  New IPs have been added to Traffic Manager and these will need allowing inbound to the endpoint.  If already using Azure Service Tags (group of Az IPs) then no additional work is required, if not then the new IPs will need allowing.
  • More information on this update can be found in the link below:

SQL Hyperscale auto-failover – Preview

  • SQL Hyperscale databases are backed by the hyperscale scale-out storage technology. It supports up to 100TB of data and provides high throughput and performance.
  • SQL auto-failover groups are created between SQL servers in two Azure regions. If a SQL hyperscale database is added to a failover group, the database will failover with the rest of the failover group unit.
  • More information on this update can be found in the link below:

Defender for Cloud updates

  • Defender for Cloud, formally Azure Security Center:
    • Defender for Kubernetes and Defender for Container Registries has now been merged to Defender for Containers
    • New alerts for Storage –
      • Improved logic to detect anomalies.
      • Detecting access from a Tor exit node.
      • Unusual unauthenticated access detection.
  • More information on these updates can be found in the link below: