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Ross MacKenzie
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2019 opens up efficiency gains for government and public sector corporates

If you’re a UAE government organization or public sector corporate within the Emirates you will be currently administered by the standard UAE government policies that restrict corporate data being placed on the Cloud. But the good news is that with the 2019 introduction of two Microsoft data-centers in the UAE – one in Abu Dhabi, the other in Dubai – all that could be set to change leaving you able to take full advantage of the wide range of capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Azure Information Protection (AIP) – the cloud-based solution that allows you to classify and, optionally, protect documents and emails by applying labels.

With the complete intelligent Microsoft 365 solution, you’ll be well on the road to digital transformation. You’ll be able to empower creativity and teamwork and AIP P2 will ensure all your data is super secure.

Alongside the new UAE Microsoft data-centers, another is also planned to open in Bahrain in 2019. These data-centers will give clients a greater sense of data sovereignty because their data will be held locally and heightened latency, meaning they will be able to retrieve their data at much faster rates than currently available.

In short there are a whole range of benefits organizations can accrue from migrating to Microsoft 365. In the main, migration would simply improve IT operations, increase both on-premise and cloud security as well as productivity and streamline licensing costs across the board.

Cobweb, with its vast knowledge of Microsoft products and experience of implementing smooth migration, is ideally placed to let you know how you can specifically benefit, and which Microsoft 365 package would best satisfy your needs and leave you better placed for growth and competitiveness.

Because we’re not just a sales machine, but more of a business advisory partner, we want to make sure you can get the best out of any migration. To do this, we offer a complete ‘Discovery’ service when we get to know what your business has now, and what it needs – now and in the future – to grow and maintain and strengthen competitiveness.

Our discovery programme means we would conduct a high-level data discovery and classified workshop on your premises, an Active Director Discovery, an Exchange discovery session and Sharepoint and Lync discovery activities.

Once the programme’s conclusions have been reached, we can recommend an appropriate application and data migration path to the cloud, based upon the availability of the local Microsoft data-center. We’ll let you know the costs involved, so there’s no surprises and, on agreement you could be well on your way to more productive and secure operations.

You’ll be in the safest of hands for application build and migration. Cobweb has over 20 years’ experience of migration and has carried out more than 750,000 mailbox migrations in 66 countries. No-one knows migration better.

So why not book your complimentary 2019 discovery programme now? You’ve nothing to lose – and a great deal to gain. Have a prosperous and productive New Year with Microsoft 365 and AIP.

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