Are you a modern or legacy workplace?

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If you’re running a legacy workplace you’re missing out on the best talent, best consumer engagement practices and on tools which ensure your staff collaborate with ease and push up your efficiency and productivity making you more competitive than ever.

Are you a legacy operator? Here’s some tell-tale signs:

  • Your staff show signs of not really being engaged at work
  • Your staff find it difficult to collaborate with each other
  • You don’t have any collaborative mobile solutions in place

Lagging behind

Despite all the buzz about moving to modern workplace scenarios, many companies still operate as legacy organisations. And they’re missing out on young, fresh talent. A recent Microsoft report says:

  • 38% of millennials feel outdated collaboration tools hinder innovation
  • 61% of workers find it difficult to collaborate with colleagues
  • And only 34% of workers are engaged with work

And this is against a changing working landscape in which 72% of employees will be mobile workers by the end of next year.

The failings

Legacy organisations are also failing in time management.  Microsoft discovered that

  • 20% of the working week is spent managing emails with some people checking into email 30 times every hour!
  • At any one time, staff in legacy systems have, on average, eight windows open on their computers
  • 47% of legacy meeting time is unproductive

Tomorrow’s workplace

Modern workplace operators are stealing a march on their legacy colleagues turning to systems which empower employee creativity and teamwork with simplified experiences across devices, apps and services securely.

Tomorrow’s workplace has key attributes. It leverages systems which:

  • Unlock creativity
  • Facilitate teamwork
  • Is integrated for simplicity
  • Leverages intelligent security

Which all adds up to greater innovation, a highly engaged, collaborative and secure workforce fit for today’s competitive world.

So can you move from a legacy to a modern workplace?

The simplest way is to embrace Microsoft 365 - the world’s productivity cloud because you’ll quickly benefit from:

  • Connected workplace experiences
  • Integrated workflows
  • Intelligent security

You won’t have to deal with the complexity of security for in-house IT infrastructure which is expensive, requires never-ending updates and training, provides more concerning alerts than necessary and leaves you with gaps in visibility. With the Microsoft 365 cloud you’ll get security that you can manage with your existing staff and budgets, particularly with the Microsoft 365 subscription model which makes budgeting easier.

Imagine having advanced security less vendors and products to manage; less end-user friction and lower integration costs.

Collaborate securely

And with Microsoft 365 you’ll also be able to access Teams, the modern workplace hub for teamwork. Built with enterprise-grade security and compliance in mind, Teams allows persistent 1:1 & group chat; powerful online meetings; enterprise and voice calling and comes with built-in Office 365 Apps – all in one solution. What’s more Teams also has great Artificial Intelligence features which allow Inline Message Translation – great for multi-national and multi-country offices; meeting recording transcription and can facilitate great video conferencing focus by blurring out distracting backgrounds from speakers.

Microsoft 365 best-in-class productivity apps with intelligent cloud services is transforming the way more and more people work – and that will be its legacy. What will be yours?

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