7 key things you need to know about Microsoft Teams

Ross MacKenzie
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So now you’re moving to the cloud and you’ve signed up to the Office 365 productivity suite, hopefully via a Cobweb monthly subscription package, but exactly how will you boost productivity? Well using Microsoft’s chat-based collaboration platform Teams is a golden key to unlocking greater efficiency.

Teams integrates seamlessly with Office 365 productivity and it makes workforce collaboration quicker, easier, safer and far, far cheaper. It’s the go-to solution for today’s on-the-move workforce – an essential feature for start-ups and SME entrepreneurs, which UAE strategists are eager to attract, retain and grow. Teams combines the features of meetings, notes, chats and attachments and integrates non-Microsoft extensions.

Focused channels

By using Teams and Channels your conversations and files will deliver specific information only to those who need it. It works like this: within the platform an administrator sets up individual ‘Teams’ such as sales, marketing, project management, etc. and only staff for whom the content is relevant are invited into the ‘Team’. Just imagine the clutter this reduces – as the project management team doesn’t need to know every step in the marketing process and vice-versa.


Channels - most efficiently manage each Team with conversations within each channel highly focused on specific subjects enabling staff to concentrate and collaborate only on what’s relevant to them.

For your eyes

You know the frustration of email trails – reams and reams of conversation most of which is not relevant to you leaving you switching off and sometimes missing the relevant stuff buried in the trail.


In Teams you can @Mention a user within a conversation, just as you would on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The user is notified that they’ve been mentioned in a specific Channel and can head there to respond.

One stop edit shop

You can edit your Microsoft Office files directly within Teams. Uploaded files are stored in One Drive, colleagues can ‘Edit in Teams’ here and then within the app and, as it’s all kept in the cloud, the latest version is always worked on, eliminating duplicate copies and all the confusion, and time delays, they can sometimes cause.

Teams also brings real-time editing within Office applications. A team working on one document can edit and give feedback, simultaneously and live. Just think of the time saved by having to scrutinize post-conversation emails and document versions! What’s more you can add other non-Microsoft applications, thanks to the Microsoft Teams App Store.


Moving beyond standard

Because businesses run on a mix of applications, Microsoft has ensured Teams integrates with more than the standard Office suite. Its apps list includes the Adobe Creative Suite, Hootsuite, Adobe Sign, ZenDesk and many more with users opting only for the apps they need. Custom notifications can also be set up, such as notifying users when social posts are uploaded.

Meet online

Teams has the option to schedule meetings within its interface. What’s more Teams is gradually taking over from Skype for Business as Microsoft’s offering.


Hosting an internal meeting in Teams only requires that you be a part of the Team, no need to sign up, call in, or have a PIN number. There are different meeting options available, including audio, video or screen sharing. The interface shows who is invited, who has accepted or declined and any meeting notes. What’s even better is any meetings scheduled in Teams also sync with the invitees’ Outlook calendar. Live notes can be taken throughout the session by incorporating any chosen apps into the meeting.

A further handy feature is ‘Open Meetings’. If a meeting is listed as ‘Open’ any member of the Team can join in the conversation if the content is relevant to their role.

More efficiency & security with Teams

Teams has a host of new features to improve the effectiveness of remote meetings by replacing your background during video chats. Remote meetings are a highly cost-effective means of communication, particularly for offices which service the whole region. The new features also help boost inclusiveness by enabling you to add live captions and subtitles during Teams meetings. Teams is also enhanced by Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities in chats and conversations so you can keep information secure.


'Teams' bring your teams together

Teams brings Microsoft’s productivity suite together in one interface to help staff, and approved external resources, work better together, staying connected via the mobile app when on the go, or when working remotely. The simple, user-friendly experience comes with all the security of Office 365.

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