2021: The year to embrace cloud-first strategies

Neetika Rana
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The impact of the COVID-19 has rocked businesses of all sizes, across all industries. causing them to pivot quickly to adapt to the ever-changing "new normal". This is set to continue as, global market research company Forrester, predicts that 2021 will be the year of technology acceleration with cloud-first strategies taking center stage.

Most agree that the lessons of 2020 loom large and businesses now need to be savvier in anticipating change, honing resilience, and sharpening customer service and responsiveness.

This is where cloud technology comes to the fore particularly for data modernization and analytics. Keen market and consumer insights enable companies to be ahead in anticipating change which will, in turn, make businesses more resilient. Data insights are also essential to predict and track ever-changing consumer trends to better position current products and services and develop new solutions in a hyper convenience era.

This means businesses must be ready with streamlined and real-time data collection and analytics, retiring multi-source solutions, and investing in modernization and cloud power.

Growing businesses generate huge amounts of data daily and it comes from various sources including mobile phones, the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and various Software as a Service (SaaS) products such as Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs). Businesses need to scale and modernize their data architecture and infrastructure to cope with the demand and stay competitive.

Rather than managing your datacenter, with the help of Microsoft Azure, you can accelerate your data analytics without the limitations of your IT infrastructure. Azure isn’t just a data-gathering hub, it’s an invaluable resource for data analytics. By applying machine learning, regression analysis, classification algorithms, and time series forecasting, Azure lets you test your propositions and make more informed decisions.

Azure is an enterprise-grade set of cloud computing services using Microsoft’s own managed datacenters and is the only cloud with a true end-to-end analytics solution. With Azure, you can get insights in seconds from all enterprise data. Many government institutions worldwide as well as 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure for a variety of reasons. 


Familiar Microsoft tools and infrastructures (such as SQL Server, Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), and .NET) or tools such as MySQL, Linux, PHP, Python, Java, or any other open-source technologies, can all run on the Azure cloud.

Azure provides you with various products and services, depending on your needs from Azure Active Directory for managing your user identity and access, to Azure IoT offerings for gathering data from IoT devices. It also provides development tools and cloud hosting options. And with Azure, you can start with a hybrid architecture of on-premises datacenters and cloud.


With Azure, you can start small (some of the services even have free tiers) and you can scale your cloud resources up or down within minutes making it affordable for all.


Businesses need to be able to cost-effectively expand their data infrastructure in a growth period. It’s expensive to set up an on-premises data warehouse on-premises and there’s a host of contributing costs such as maintenance and licensing fees.

With a modern data warehouse, you can scale up new advanced servers with high-performance graphics cards on-demand, and with Microsoft Azure, you only pay for the time that you use these servers. Azure also provides a discount for ‘reserved’ instances that you are committing to use for a specific amount of time.

Where now?

Discover Data Modernization guide  - a fully integrated product & service offering which moves or migrates data, existing & outdated databases to a modern structure amalgamating all your multiple data sources into one tailored Azure solutions for real-time access to critical data insights and real-time analytics (AI/ML/NLP).

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