15 of our favourite new Microsoft Teams features

Ross MacKenzie
Categories: Cloud Transformation
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It's been 2 years since Microsoft Teams - the teamwork hub for Office 365 - was launched. It has been an innovative tool for communications and collaboration and has revolutionised the way people work in a number of industries. The award-winning platform has been a revelation for us at Cobweb as a variety of departments take advantage of the collaborative hub, and we'd like to share 15 of our favourite new Microsoft Teams features:

1. Information barriers — a new feature which will help avoid conflicts of interest within an organisation by limiting who can communicate/collaborate on certain projects. A helpful feature for organisations with ethical and regulatory compliance requirements.

2. Content cameras and intelligent capture — there will soon be support for a new camera for capturing content like information on analogue whiteboards. The intelligent capture feature for USB cameras will automatically capture, focus, resize and enhance text and images from whiteboards to help remote attendees in real time.

3. Live captions — a feature to make live meetings more accessible for the deaf or hard of hearing, or those with differing levels of language proficiency. Speaker captions will be generated in real time to help everyone stay in sync.


4. Microsoft Whiteboard — a feature for Teams meetings that will allow everyone, regardless of location, to participate in a shared whiteboard. There will even be sticky notes, images and gridlines available, with an Ink Grab feature to enable users to easily add analogue content from a physical whiteboard.

5. Live Events for Microsoft 365 — using video and interactive discussion via Teams, Stream or Yammer, you can create on-demand or live events to deliver compelling communications to employees.

6. Cloud Voicemail— with new support for Skype for Business Server customers on the way, users will have access to the latest technology with the reliability of the cloud.

7. eDiscovery — a feature of Teams calling and meetings that allows users to achieve their requirements for data discovery using the in-place search, conditions and export processes seen in other Office 365 content.

8. Retention for channels/chats — a new core Data Governance capability allowing you to place a retention/deletion policy on Teams channels and chat messages to ensure compliance with retention regulations and limit the risk of data being exposed.

9. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure — the ability to use Microsoft Teams in a virtual desktop environment, improving collaborative potential.


10. Data Loss Prevention — ensure proper control and governance of data by blocking sensitive information in channel conversations/chat messages.

11. MVISION — a McAfee tool that provides a comprehensive set of security, governance and compliance functionality.

12. InformaCast Fusion — a handy feature that enables Team users to send mass emergency or urgent notifications via their Teams bot.

13. Control by Smarsh — extend the Microsoft DLP solution to enable the enforcing of internal policies to improve compliance in security and risk management. 'Control' will monitor for violations across the full range of content types.

14. Supervision for channels/chats — meet internal communications monitoring requirements with ease by establishing policies with intelligent conditions, then review content to tag, escalate and bulk resolve.

15. App Setup Policies — a flexible set of ways for IT admins to manage the way users discover, adopt and develop the 250+ integrations available for Microsoft Teams, as well as the custom integrations you build for yourself.

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