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The number one way to communicate

Instant messaging and social media are becoming more popular within businesses but email remains the top method of communicating within a business and also externally with partners, customers, vendors, and anyone else attached to your business. With 95% of cyberattacks starting with an email, it’s vital to keep inboxes safe, and to protect your users, data, and applications against the incoming dangers that can threaten your overall business.

The number one way to communicate

Don't let one email put your business at risk

Protect against online threats, such as:


Ransomware restricts access to business data by encrypting files or locking computer screens, and asking for a ’ransom’ to be paid in exchange for access to the data, often in the form of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack is one in which hackers flood servers with junk traffic, forcing the servers offline or to slow down significantly. Many on-premises servers cannot handle this sort of sustained attack and the business can find itself offline very quickly.

Phishing and spoofing

A phishing email appears to be from a legitimate source but is, in fact, from a cybercriminal who is attempting to obtain personal information or money via a link to a bogus website. With a spoofing attack, emails appear to be from a known and trusted source and typically contains a link or attachment that downloads a malicious file.

We'll keep your email safe

Secure gateway

Emails pass through a secure email gateway, which scans attachments and URLs to ensure that they are safe for delivery.

Phishing protection

Protect against phishing and targeted impersonation attacks that a user can easily mistake for something legitimate and real.

Leak protection

Data loss prevention and content control prevent sensitive information making its way into the public domain by mistake.

Web portal

Users can see and manage quarantined email using a simple web portal.

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